Organisational Blog Series: 1. Where The Hell Is My...?!

Misplaced belongings cause stress, anxiety and wasted time (not to mention the sick-in-the-pit-of-your-tummy feeling and a cold sweat), so why do so many people live like this?  Lately I've had a number of conversations with friends about organisation.  Personally, I'm a very organised individual, I often feel that being so damn organised actually makes me a little boring.  Apparently, that's not the case.

To my surprise, for those who struggle with organisation, it's not a boring topic at all - it's more a topic of wonder and disbelief ...which I still find a little strange myself but hey, when something comes so naturally to you, it's easy to assume that it comes naturally to others as well. 

So, after a few weeks of mulling over my friends' suggestion that I put out some blogs about organisation, and the fact that home schooling is now over and I can breath a bit easier, I thought I'd jump online between study periods and get blogging.
Now the thin…

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Written as a guest post for Esstudio Galleria Hair & Beauty Salon