Cruise Review - Cruising Solo With A Tween

I’ve never really been interested in a cruise before, it always struck me as something older people did, or young adults who are chomping at the bit for a good booze up and all-inclusive buffet. 

...I certainly never imagined myself hopping aboard as a single mum of a tween boy where our interests were bound to clash.

2020 - Start Your New Decade With A Bang

It’s not long now and the jolly fat bloke will embark on his annual round-the-world tour.It also marks the end of the calendar year and you know what that means – holidays!And of course, the New Year.

How To Survive The Silly Season, Like A Boss

Who ever gave me this idea to study as we head in to the silly season has a lot to answer for.  I don't know whether to drink less and study more or just learn to study better with a hangover.  I guess it depends on the size of the hangover!

What You Should Know About Me, My Blog & My Journey

I’m going to let you in on my little secret …much like being lost in the woods, when I began this blog I had very little direction and absolutely no idea where I’d end up.

Ten Things About You That Score 10/10

10 October aka 10/10 - yep that's right, a perfect 10!

As a firm believer in the power of numbers and an advocate for self love (not to mention I know three fabulous people born on this day) I couldn't let the opportunity pass to take on the challenge of 'TEN things about yourself that score 10/10'.

6 Ways to Reset That Aren't Checking In With Nature

Usually when we think of 'resetting' we think of heading to nature, taking off our shoes and feeling the soil or sand on our feet, or maybe it's enough just to feel the wind in your hair.  But what about unexpected resets or resets that aren't found at the beach or in the bush?

Is Authentic Living Really Worth It?

Authentic living may require some change, commitment to yourself and the strength to say what you really want.  If you are prepared to back yourself then 'hell yes' it's worth it!