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Content isn't just important – content is KING.

Good content CONNECTS with your audience.

Great content ENGAGES your audience. 


I'm a self-confessed 'plan-a-holic' running on autocorrect. Time stands still when I'm immersed in text playing 'spot the error' or working to refine the end piece.​

Marketing is not my thing – creating content is. I write, edit, refine and polish content.


My current work is focused on website and social media content, primarily in the health, beauty and wellbeing space. Most of the social media content I undertake now is ghostwritten and the content is yours with no credit given to the writer. Of course, I'm always happy to provide a guest blog or article too.


The range of content I have worked on is broad including, business & travel writing, social media posts, blogs, articles, email campaigns, right through to academic proofreading. 

A lover of all things social. Passionate about authentic living and finding the magic in everyday life.



Content writing

Do you need content for your marketing strategy? That's where I come in – you need content, I write it.

Content these days is king. Whether you're growing your audience, engaging with followers or clients, cementing yourself as an expert in your field or you just want to share your thoughts, you need a solid online presence. Keeping your online presence fresh requires consistent and regular content.

Good businesspeople know that working on their business is the best use of their time. Most people don't have the time to write content, don't enjoy writing, aren't good at it or prefer to focus on other areas of their business.  


For a fraction of the cost of your own time (and let's face it, your frustration) I'll write your content for you. I create the content you want to fit your marketing strategy. Whether it's a one-off piece or writing to fit a regular scheduled program I can write it for you.


I like to keep it simple. I provide the text and you upload or post it to your relevant platform. I can provide content for your website, blog, social media posts and/or business paraphernalia.

Get back to doing what you love and leave the content writing to me! 


Ghostwriting means any content written for you is yours and no credit is given to me (the writer). Ghostwriting can be used for marketing content, social media posts, e-Books, novels and anything you want to put out to the universe as yours; your point of view, your opinion, as a thought leader, as an expert in field etc., only you don't actually write it. The perfect solution for anyone who is too busy to write content, isn't a good writer or can't stand the thought of it.


Editing can be used for business, marketing or academic text to ensure it flows well and uses correct language and grammar.


In business, editing services are useful for improving website and social media content or marketing paraphernalia before going live or being distributed. Editing is popular with organisations applying for government grants and/or other formal submissions that may require a more polished style.


Editing refines and polishes the finish product removing clunkiness and errors. The text is usually altered not simply checked for errors.

ESL students often require editing to assist with their limited understanding of the English language and will have their university essays and papers edited before submitting them. Many students completing their masters will also invest in editing services to polish their work before submission.


Proofreading is used for checking errors only. It doesn't involve altering the text in any way other than to fix errors, which may be a simple typo, a spelling mistake, incorrect word(s) or poor use of grammar and/or punctuation.


Proofreading is often used in marketing content, business submissions, presentations and university-level academic work. Although, any wordsmith would agree that ALL work leaving your desktop should be proofed before you hit the send key!

Costs & Pricing

I like to keep things flexible and try to accomodate my client's preferences for costing styles. I offer a range of pricing options depending on the service(s) and frequency required.

One-off job pricing (guide only):

  • Hourly rate (from $75 - $125 per hour, depending on the technicality of the topic and research required to do the work)

  • Price-per-word (approx. $0.10 per word with a minimum of 500 words)

  • Set fee for a specific word count eg; 500 - $150 , 750 - $225 or 1,000 - $400 for ghostwritten content (approximate pricing only, rates are negotiable and depend on technicality of topic and research required)

Regular scheduled content pricing (can be either):

  • Monthly fee as agreed

  • Hourly rate; costed per piece (via timesheet)

The cost for writing services includes two-rounds of review and amendments.


All new writing jobs require a client brief via telephone or audio-visual call, which is included in the cost of the job. Additional costs may be charged if lengthy or complex briefs are required to understand the job requirements.

Call me to discuss your content needs and we can work out what costing style is best for you.

Featured Work


“I can’t recommend Wendy’s services highly enough. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Wendy in recent months and thanks to her creative genius there has been great growth with engagement and followers on my social media. 


Wendy is talented, smart, passionate, professional, considerate and works with great integrity. As a result I come across to my audience sounding absolutely amazing. I know she always has my back and I’m so grateful that I found her. Thank you so much Wendy!”

Juanita Smith from 'Activate Hypnotherapy'

"I had 3 new people come along to my webinar last night which is fantastic as I haven't attracted new people into this successfully before. I attribute this to your writing, so thank you!!"

Simone Lord from 'Fit4Life'

“I run a yoga therapy business and I have engaged with Wendy Gregory from GIRL WENDY to construct and write the bio’s for my website and Facebook page. I highly recommend Wendy as she is articulate, bright and thoroughly enjoys writing as a profession. I will continue to engage with GIRL WENDY for my writing needs.”


Susie Taylor from 'Taylor Made Yoga'

“We've been so happy with the continuing work from Wendy Gregory from girl Wendy. She is very adaptable to any work we need done.  Wendy has worked on our copy for blogs for marketing and proofreading our service menus for in-salon display and on our website. She’s been fantastic and we will continue to work with her.”


Jacqui Arnold, Director, 'Esstudio Galleria


Let's Work Together

Give me a call on 0457 755 002 or email me below to discuss your project.

Thanks for submitting!

Sydney Based

​Tel: +61 457 755 002

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