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When Doing Nothing is Doing Life Well

Sometimes doing life well means planning to do nothing.   Lucky for me it turned out to be a very wet, rainy day and so it was perfect for staying indoors and for doing nothing.

ANZAC DAY 25.04.19

A day in history where Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZACs) made their mark in unfamiliar territory, in a foreign place, in what I can only imagine to be a 'hell on earth'.  Now it's a day of commemoration for our nation.  A day to pay our respects and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  A day to honour those who have fallen and those who continue to serve.

Hop, hop and awaaaayyyy!!

Well it's Easter and like most people I'm very much looking forward to a long weekend. Of course if I had my life in order (the way I wish I did) I wouldn't need long weekends because I wouldn't be on the 5/7 week, 9-5 day ...ugh, that's me sighing and groaning accompanied by an over dramatic eye-roll!

Holey Moley Put The 'COOL' In Putt Putt

So, Putt Putt.  The age old game of trying to get the ball in the hole whilst out-maneuvering the most crazy of obstacles.    If you never did this as a kid then you need to seriously interrogate your parents about what the hell happened to your childhood!

Life Between Travel

Life …life and travel …endless possibilities of exotic food, fun and fantasy. Hmm, an endless list of destinations is more like it!  But  what’s life without travel?  …limited, boring, uneventful, dull, routine?  Just to name a few.   Lately I’ve found myself itching to travel more and more.  I’m scanning deals that I know I will never book and have subscribed to every travel newsletter known to mankind.  All of which serve to grow my never-ending bucket list of places I want to visit.

Can Changing Your Mindset Make Your Life Better?

How to do life better, well that's an individual perception right?  I mean that's something that would look different for most of us.  We're all individuals and we all have a different view on what doing life well would entail.  This is the beauty of life and individualism.


Life.  It may be a small word but life itself is anything but.   Life to some is one big game, to others it is one hell of a struggle, and then there’s the many who fall somewhere in between.  That’s where I sit, somewhere in between. I'm too risk averse to play one long game of life but I certainly enjoy being alive enough to soak up what I can of the good stuff.  But as many of you will resonate with, life can quickly become very routine, stagnant and quite frankly ends up being an endless list of chores.  We race around like crazy people trying to get everything done, all whilst trying not to do other things, like over-indulge in our various vices.  I think we call it ‘adulting’. You know what I’m talking about?