ANZAC DAY 25.04.19

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A day in history where Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZACs) made their mark in unfamiliar territory, in a foreign place, in what I can only imagine to be a 'hell on earth'. 

Now it's a day of commemoration for our nation.  A day to pay our respects and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  A day to honour those who have fallen and those who continue to serve.

In the wee hours of Thursday 25th April (2.30 am to be exact) the alarm starts beeping and breaks the silence of the room.  With only a short window to get ready and board the train to Martin Place there is no time for a snooze (not even one).

Master 10yo and I are up, dressed and out the door, joining many others on their way to Sydney Cenotaph for the dawn service.  It is our family tradition now (well me and Master 10yo anyway) to attend the dawn service and one we intend on continuing.  I was proud when he said this morning that he wants to do at least 10 years in a row ...we'll see how that commitment holds out during his teenage years!

The service is always the best way to start ANZAC Day, the City is so different at 4am, crowded and dark, yet quiet and reflective.  Such a stark contrast to how I see the CBD every day at work.  I love that such a large crowd of young and old can join in a peaceful remembrance of times past.  And that bugle playing the Last Post in a blackened city, so eerie but beautiful, gets me every time.

Of course, it isn't long after the ceremony ends and the sun pierces the dark marking the start of the day and the noise and activity begins.  The march will begin soon followed by 2-Up in the pubs and footy in the afternoon. 

For us though, this year instead of heading to an early breakfast it is off to the airport.  Destination, Melbourne!  Off to spend an extended weekend with close friends.  After such an early start it will be a pretty early night tonight but tomorrow is girls night out so I'll be needing a good night sleep.

..but that's for another post.  Today is for remembering, honouring and paying our respects.


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