Can Changing Your Mindset Make Your Life Better?

How to do life better, well that's an individual perception right? 
I mean that's something that would look different for most of us.  We're all individuals and we all have a different view on what doing life well would entail.  This is the beauty of life and individualism.

What isn't so different though is the mindset of doing life better. Combining want with action in order to enhance one's life.  In other words, we don't all want the same things to make us happy and fulfilled, but in order to thrive one must first open their mind to accepting they want to do life better, and then move to the action mindset of doing something about it.

There are (and always will be) people who don't enjoy their lives but aren't ready or willing, or in some troubling cases, not able to do anything about it.  For a lot of us we just need to choose to do something about it and take action.  Maybe even a little 'kick-up-the-bum'!

During my recent navel gazing and analysing of sorts I've identified a few things that I want to do more of.  But how can I make that happen?  I can't just up and resign, pack myself in to a suitcase and run away ...well actually I could but that thought kind of fills me with dread (and would be difficult with a 10 year old!), so no that's not what I'll be doing any time soon folks. 

I'd be lying if I didn't say I want to stop being tied to an office from 9 - 5, I want to have the freedom and flexibility to travel and try new things. I definitely want to be more active, adventurous yes! but mainly, build up an enormous amount of memories and happy experiences.

I think the key here is to decide what makes me happy.  Or, is it find what makes me unhappy and replace that?  hmmm ...I'm off for more pondering on this one.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the mindset of doing life better.  Or if you are the brave soul who has packed up your stuff and hit the road I'd love to hear about it.   


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