Life Between Travel

Life …life and travel …endless possibilities of exotic food, fun and fantasy. Hmm, an endless list of destinations is more like it! 

But what’s life without travel?  …limited, boring, uneventful, dull, routine?  Just to name a few.  

Lately I’ve found myself itching to travel more and more.  I’m scanning deals that I know I will never book and have subscribed to every travel newsletter known to mankind.  All of which serve to grow my never-ending bucket list of places I want to visit.

About a year ago I found myself single with a young son and thankfully, a good relationship with the ex. I already knew then that the one thing I had sacrificed during my marriage was travelling.  I didn’t do a great deal of travelling when I was young, I went on a couple of trips and spent a few days in various Countries but not as much as I would have loved to do.  These trips were few and far between and every time I went on one I vowed to make sure I went on another every single year.

Of course, fast forward 20 years later and I reckon I managed a measly few.  In 10 years of marriage we had a trip to UK, Spain and Thailand (when we eloped), a trip about 7 years later to Tonga and a final trip to UK, Scotland and Singapore as our last hurrah before separating.  

Don’t get me wrong those trips were brilliant and bloody expensive!  But really life just got in the way.  Struggling with money, building a business (or a few as it happens when you marry an entrepreneurial soul) having a kid and partying away any kind of possibility to save for a holiday.  

And all that time I wanted to roam about, go places and see different cultures, different places, meet people, excite the senses and all that comes from getting out of the daily grind. But alas, no we continued on trying to save that house deposit and pave a way forward.

So, as one does when they find themselves 40 and single, I dived deep within my soul and relinquished that which had been smothered.  Yep, my sleeping travel bug!

Now as you can imagine, being a single mum and still not having a house deposit or a double income, any sort of travel would seem rather elusive yet again.  And so I set about putting wheels in motion.

I managed to throw caution to the wind and used some of my savings to take a quick trip to Thailand with a friend (kid-free) to shake out the cobwebs.  Then a friend decided to have her 40th in Bali so off I went, this time with the kid in tow.  And then finally, I couldn’t resist a road trip to Lake Crackenback for Christmas and a last minute trip to Melbourne for NYE.

Needless to say I finished the year with a feeling of absolute joy, the travel cobwebs well and truly gone, but also a quickly diminishing bank account and a minus annual leave balance at work.

So whilst I took 2 weeks to cleanse out the ridiculous amount of booze and sugar that had been consumed I got thinking about how to conquer my travel bug.  At first it was all about my budget, how can I cut expenses, where can I be more frugal, what can I stop doing, how can I travel cheaper and blah, blah, blah.  And then it hit me, all of this saving, stopping, cutting back is just life getting in the way again.  Exactly what happened when I was married and sacrificed travel previously.

Well I’m stuffed if I’m going to let that happen again, no way!

Suddenly I found myself with a new focus.  Nothing to do with cutting back anything.  In fact, the more I thought about it the more I realised that I need to do more while I’m planning my trips. I know, sounds weird but hear me out.

I started to think about what it is that I enjoy about travel.  Now without going crazy and listing all of the reasons I identified, let’s just cut to the big picture.  Basically, travel gets me out of the daily grind, breaks the routine and allows me to experience a range of emotions and creating memories for later.

So why wouldn’t I simply go out and create these experiences while I save up for the next trip?  It might take longer to save when I’m spending more but geez, I’ll have way more fun while I wait, right?!

Hell yeah!!  I say to myself, give myself a good pat on the back for my new found clarity, and for making the 2 weeks through my cleanse, of course!  And then I’m off and racing …I can’t think fast enough or wait, yes thinking too fast and can’t keep up, is more like it.  

Now I’m doing things while I wait for travel.  Not just things but doing life between travel and loving it!!  

So far, I’ve taken my son kayaking on Sydney Harbour, we had a tour of our naval ships and yard, enjoyed a few shows at the Opera House and the Casino, enjoyed the live Australia Day event (that was pure luck to get those tickets!) and hiked Mount Kosciusko, just to name a few.

My point being though, if I was approaching my travel plans the same way I had previously I wouldn’t have done any of that.  I’d still be bitching about how much money I spent when I folded from boredom and went to the pub only to drink too much, come home late and feel rubbish the next day.

So that’s it, that’s where I now find myself  …doing life between travel.

What’s next you ask? 

Well I’m thinking of giving a cruise a go later in the year.  Apparently they’re good for kids and I know my bank account could certainly do with something a little more ‘all inclusive’.  

And Borneo, seriously, this one has to be done sooner rather than later (might need to claw back some annual leave first).  

Ok yep, for the moment, life between travel it is …how about 27 holes of Putt Putt with master 10 year old tomorrow?  A bit of weekend fun with a kid twist.

Looking forward to this one, I’ll let you know all about it in my next blog.

Until then, go find your happy times!


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