Life.  It may be a small word but life itself is anything but.  

Life to some is one big game, to others it is one hell of a struggle, and then there’s the many who fall somewhere in between.  That’s where I sit, somewhere in between.

I'm too risk averse to play one long game of life but I certainly enjoy being alive enough to soak up what I can of the good stuff.  But as many of you will resonate with, life can quickly become very routine, stagnant and quite frankly ends up being an endless list of chores.  We race around like crazy people trying to get everything done, all whilst trying not to do other things, like over-indulge in our various vices.  I think we call it ‘adulting’.

You know what I’m talking about?  

Goes something like this, do your day’s work, take child to soccer, fit in that Dr’s appointment, call to check on friend, drop past the parcel locker, pick up dinner (which has to include salad now because I’m cutting out meat and watch the dressing, can’t be having too much sugar) remember to pick up child, serve dinner (drooling over child’s pasta while you chew on your kale), do the night time routine and start planning what must be tackled tomorrow, all without wine because that too is being cut out during the week ….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

You with me?  Sound familiar?

And this goes on and on and on and on until (hopefully) we realise that we’re just existing and have forgotten how to live.  I bet if you look back to your young self this is not how you imagined yourself ‘adulting’.  

Well I’ve just woken up.  I’ve found myself caught up in the usual daily grind and then using my weekends to get chores done …B B B BORING!!!!

When did I forget what I like to do and at what point did it become normal to not do these things? 

And how many of us fall in to that trap?

I certainly did and so I'm finally stepping back and looking at what I do, how I do life, and man it was a real surprise to me.  I’ve actually got a good life, good job, great family, sexy car, a bit of disposable income (I have however, identified that I'm lacking in the asset department, unless clothes can be counted as assets) but I’m totes guilty of just going through the motions, surviving but not thriving.  But now that I’ve uncovered this self truth I'm asking myself “what am I going to do about it?”. 

First things first, I’ve taken off my blinkers, I’m aware of the tread mill I'm riding and so its time to take back control.  No more just fitting everything in and running on crazy woman auto-pilot. Its time to create a life I enjoy. 

If you’ve kept up with me so far and are nodding your head in agreement then it’s time you too did the same.  Look at how you’re ‘doing life’.  Are you surviving or thriving?  Or barely bloody coping?

For the sake of my sanity and accountability, and to make sure I don’t fall straight back into the trap, I’ve decided to blog my journey of doing life better.  I figure if I can share it with an audience, build a community of like-minded people then we can all create better lives together ...and so, bring forth said blog 'Girl Wendy'.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who never fell in to this trap or have already heaved yourself out of it and are positively thriving, then this blog aint for you.   If you’re like me and what I said resonates with you, then this it is for you.  

So welcome (that's me included!)’s to lifting off and doing life better.  For now, I’m off to ponder what that is going to look like.  How am I going to do life better? 

In the meantime shout out if you’re one of us, let us know you’re here.  Maybe you’re quicker than me and have already experienced your own ‘awakening’.  Perhaps you’ve already pondered up great solutions that you can share?  Or perhaps reading this post has kick-started your awakening?

I can sense this is going to be exciting!


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