When Doing Nothing is Doing Life Well

Sometimes doing life well means planning to do nothing.  Lucky for me it turned out to be a very wet, rainy day and so it was perfect for staying indoors and for doing nothing.

After managing to knock off minimal chores in the morning I sat down on the lounge and got out my phone.  You can still be social from the lounge when you have friends that like to chat.

My planets aligned that afternoon with one of my besties and we chewed the fat for almost 3 hours!  Sounds crazy, I know, but it was fantastic.  I felt like I had the same catch up I would've had if we'd met at the pub over a bottle of vino ...but waaaaay cheaper!  There was still wine consumed, of course.

Anyway this post is a real quickie, just wanted to remind you that doing life well can take many forms, even staying at home having some well earned lounge time and a long chat with a good friend.  Doing nothing can be doing life well too, as long it's done how you want to do it.  And now I might even flick on some Netflix and binge on a few episodes of my favourite show!

Yep, doing nothing can be awesome sometimes.


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