Holey Moley Put The 'COOL' In Putt Putt

So, Putt Putt.  The age old game of trying to get the ball in the hole whilst out-maneuvering the most crazy of obstacles.  

Picture of neon room at Holey Moley Putt Putt

If you never did this as a kid then you need to seriously interrogate your parents about what the hell happened to your childhood!

Fast forward about 20 something years (or there abouts) and I find myself being hounded by my son to play. I’m still not even sure where he got so amped up to play but that’s not the point.  Its another reason to get out and move, have fun and forget that I’m waiting to travel.

Now let me tell you, these days Putt Putt is actually a cool thing.  So cool in fact, the venues are located in trendy suburbs that you actually want to visit.  Not to mention that they are decked out with great bars, serve cocktails and have decent menus and tunes.

These places are venues that you could happily not play Putt Putt and still hang out and have a good time. Or knock back a martini on the lounge before your round, maybe even sip your way through the various holes? …now there’s a novel idea!

The game itself hasn’t changed, at all.  Not to say that’s a bad thing, let’s face it, chasing that elusive ‘hole in one’ can bring out the fiercest warrior in all of us.  And god help your people when you get one!  Excitement like that doesn’t happen everyday.  Check out Holey Moley to get your game on, it's totally worth it!

Another memorable experience whilst waiting for the next holiday.

Good pic opps too...

Picture of shark at Holey Moley Putt Putt

Picture of upsidedown room at Holey Moley Putt Putt

Picture of Master 10yo at Holey Moley Putt Putt


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