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Ahhhh, it's a rare quiet evening in tonight.  I've finished my gym session and am taking a breather to start my weekend.  So before switching to Netflix I thought I'd take a moment to reflect.

Retro Madness

In my hunt for finding cool things to do I stumbled across the new ' B. Lucky & Sons Arcade Bar ' located in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.


As usual Sunday rolled around way too fast for my liking but Master 10yo and I had an interesting little evening date booked at The Magician's Cabaret in Darlinghurst.

Happy Hour

And just as I wrote about how winter came early, the weekend went by with sunny days and warm rays.  It seems we are in for a bit more this week too ...Yay!  What a cracker of a weekend this one was.  I started out on Friday expecting a good one but I managed to exceed all expectations and kept myself on the go, right up until Sydney FC beat Perth Glory in the penalty shootout at the soccer final on Sunday night.  Just fabulous!

Winter is upon us ...but it's early

May, the last month of autumn (allegedly, but I’m not so sure anymore).  Seriously, the cold snap came so fast the sound was almost audible! 

All About Mum

All about Mum, well sort-of... Something I've been wanting to do for oh, about 10 years now, is see a live ballet.  Part of the reason I haven't been yet is that people have repeatedly told me that I'd probably find it pompous and boring. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure I disagreed!

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day, the one day when mums are spoilt and no house work or domestic duties are done, her day off.  Sounds bloody lovely, just quietly!

Over The Cliff Face

Doing life between travel most certainly does not have to be dull and boring.  As you know I am all about creating great experiences to keep me entertained, while I await my next trip.  Of course this weekend did not disappoint.

Ash St Cellar - An Old Fave!!

Social butterfly, that's what I've become once more - that makes me very happy btw. Purposefully planning dinner and drinks at venues and restaurants I want to go to.   I already told you about Kid Kyoto, and on Friday this weekend gone, I arranged a catch up at Ash St Cellar .  Just me and another like-minded, chatty woman who doesn't mind her food and wine.

Kid Kyoto Smashes It

Feeling a bit tired today, not surprising after a late night and earlyish start to the day.  Although it probably has more to do with the copious amount of red wine consumed with friends last night!  In line with with my new determination to do life better I swapped my gym outfit for jeans and doc boots and off I went to the city (that is rather than trudging home only to curl up on the lounge with TV remote in hand).  I managed to nail my timing and arrive at the door at 6.45pm ready for a beverage.

Friday Quickie

Pushing myself to the gym today to try to up my attendance to 4 days per week.  Commitment and discipline is harder than you think, yet so easy to give up on. I'll have to leave a bit early to make it back to the City for dinner.  I'm meeting Jax & Aleks at Kid Kyoto which should be a pretty cool venue - Japanese bar with alternative rock music! I'll pop back on the weekend to do a quick review.