Happy Hour

And just as I wrote about how winter came early, the weekend went by with sunny days and warm rays.  It seems we are in for a bit more this week too ...Yay! 

What a cracker of a weekend this one was.  I started out on Friday expecting a good one but I managed to exceed all expectations and kept myself on the go, right up until Sydney FC beat Perth Glory in the penalty shootout at the soccer final on Sunday night.  Just fabulous!

Although it was my invitation to friends to start Friday early with happy hour at the Morrison Oyster Bar, my rubber elbow was yet again easily twisted and I found myself on the dance floor of the good old Imperial Hotel in Erskineville.  Happy hour was seriously extended, as was my spending, but I ended up having a spontaneous evening out which are always the best ones.  And yes I ended up with a rather large hangover on Saturday.

Not to be put off by a banging headache and the bad morning-after taste of a big night out, I dusted myself off and managed to make it to my pampering appointments I had booked for that day.  Thankfully a facial and pedicure is not too hard to take in that state so I pulled up ok for my cousin's 21st birthday that evening.  I was the designated driver for this one and I was definitely NOT unhappy about it.

A lovely evening was spent with family, lots of laughing out loud and kids running around playing hide n' seek and murder in the dark.  Believe it or not games we remember from our childhood still do exist ...as does the same party etiquette; adults drinking and kids taking full advantage of being somewhat 'loosely' supervised at someone else's house.  Remember those days?!  It's good to see some things don't change ...and now I'm off to bed for a well earned sleep.


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