As usual Sunday rolled around way too fast for my liking but Master 10yo and I had an interesting little evening date booked at The Magician's Cabaret in Darlinghurst.

It was a deal I stumbled across when doing my regular Scoupon and Groupon checks of what's on.  I find something like this can be awesome or hit and miss, but hey the main thing is it's something different and therefore worth trying.  So off we went late Sunday afternoon for a two course meal and a magic show.

The venue is easy to find and as one would expect, dark and intimate with nowhere to hide from the stage.  Anyone could easily be called upon to 'volunteer'.  Thankfully we both escaped that fate for the evening.

My thoughts on the experience are pretty positive.  The set menu was basic but well cooked and well presented (chicken and veges and creme brulee), although pretty small for a main and I think an adult man could well still be a bit hungry and need a kebab on the way home.  The bar service was slow but the staff very friendly and I'll take that over fast drinks served with no smile any time.

You can stay a bit longer in the bar if you like but it seemed most people were happy to leave after their photos with obligatory magic props; a live rabbit in the top hat, a live dove and of course, the magician.

The magic show was shortish but definitely impressive.  Not one trick didn't have me clapping and wowing or wondering how he did that, or being genuinely surprised by the trickery itself.  Some of the jokes are a bit cheesy but that comes with the territory of dinner and a show, doesn't it?  The venue is small and you're really close to the stage and the action so there no room for error and I certainly couldn't spot any.  I'm still shocked by the doves flying out of the photo WTF?  How.did.he.do.that?!

Over all we enjoyed ourselves, it was reasonably priced at $99 for both of us and spread over a good length of time from 5 - 7.30 pm on Sunday evening.  The live animals were a highlight for the photos (and the magic).  Again, it was something different and we created new and fun memories and that made it even better!

They have other more 'adults only' type shows as well, for those looking for something with a bit more.  Check em out!


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