All About Mum

All about Mum, well sort-of...

Something I've been wanting to do for oh, about 10 years now, is see a live ballet.  Part of the reason I haven't been yet is that people have repeatedly told me that I'd probably find it pompous and boring. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure I disagreed!

Fast forward to the present and I talked my dear mum in to coming along with me.  When I say "talked her in to coming along with me" I really mean, I gave her tickets to the ballet for her birthday and promised her a fancy dinner ...insert evil chuckle.

Now after having the 'pompous and boring' thing pumped in to my brain all of those years, I waited and swooped when the style was right.  I booked us in to a modern ballet performance called 'VERVE'.

Considering Verve is one of my favourite champagnes I figured we were off to a good start. Coupled with a dinner booking at 'Cafe Sydney' (very plush, if I may so myself!) and the evening was shaped to be a winner long as the modern ballet was as enjoyable as I hoped it would be.

First things first, of course.  I'm picking mum up and driving us to the Sydney Opera House, obviously one must wash the car first!  It's not a good look getting my 74 yo mumsy to test her knees and arthritis levels, getting in and out of a low bucket seat of a dust coated sports car sprinkled with grass and mud from master 10yo's soccer game.  With some love and attention Percy (yes, my car has a name and is a he) was shiny like a sexy black panther.

As was the original promise, ballet was not to be had without the fancy dinner and fancy we had! After snagging a well place handicapped parking spot (gotta love it when the oldies pull out their parking tags) and a short stroll to the Customs House building in Circular Quay, we were sitting on the terrace over looking the Harbour Bridge in all her afternoon glory.  Not to be rushed, we studied every possible detail of the menus and snapped up some pics.

The service and the menu was as you would expect.  Even though we were super early at 4.45pm and arrived during the cross over of the long boozy lunchers to the pre-theatre goers the staff were impeccable.  Although, I found them to be a little too falling over each other to help us (maybe that's because we were the sober table!).

We both swore we would have two courses, leaving dessert off the menu altogether.  Two courses and a few drinks later we happily took on the dessert menu and both managed to put away a full dessert each.  Oh and mum had a bonus jelly with a candle stuck in it too, how fab!

The food was spectacular and we didn't finish everything we ordered but thoroughly enjoyed it. I think mum was suitably treated and felt ready for the ballet that lay ahead.

A perfectly timed entrance to the Sydney Opera House as the bells chimed to enter the theatre.  Within 5 minutes the orchestra was inviting the dancers on stage and we sat mesmerised until the first intermission arrived.  I felt a bit cheated that there was break and didn't much care for the lights being turned up disrupting my awe at what was being displayed on the stage. Then I remembered how much had been done on stage and that the ballerinas needed a break and costume change.  So, too bad for me.

The second and third performances were simply stunning.  So much power and energy put in to such complex choreography, complimented by such simple and understated costumes taking nothing away (actually adding to) the pure strength and talent of these powerhouses.  The music swept along perfectly with it seeming to be led by the dancing as opposed to it leading the dancers.

By the time it finished I had promised myself silently that I will be back for more.  I'm glad I booked the modern ballet and will probably stick to that in future.  That's not to say I won't ever succumb to a 'Swan Lake' or 'Nutcracker' classic ballet at some point.

But, my 'All about Mumsy' night went down a treat.  Expensive night out but totally worth it and loved seeing mum enjoying herself and spending some one-on-one time with her.  Can't wait to do it again for her next birthday!!  I reckon she is looking forward to it too, just quietly.


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