Ash St Cellar - An Old Fave!!

Social butterfly, that's what I've become once more - that makes me very happy btw. Purposefully planning dinner and drinks at venues and restaurants I want to go to.  I already told you about Kid Kyoto, and on Friday this weekend gone, I arranged a catch up at Ash St Cellar.  Just me and another like-minded, chatty woman who doesn't mind her food and wine.

This place I've been a few times and love it every single time.  From the venue being in the back lane with a big open front bringing the outdoors in, to the large wine wall and oversized chandeliers, right through to the wine list that is very extensive and the menu which is fancy but short.  Yep, unlike the wine list the menu is short (well there's plenty to eat but not so big you can't be bothered reading the damn thing!).

We managed to nab the last table outside, even though it was a bit rainy we were perfectly dry and comfortable.  Its really busy, bustling in fact and despite sounding like it would be a big place, it isn't. Seating is quite close so it's noisy and maybe even a bit squishy.  Personally, I don't mind that but I know some people who would find it way too close to strangers.

As I said the menu is smaller and so are the dishes, it's designed to share.  The dishes though are generally pretty rich and very satisfying.  As I also said, I've been here before so I knew exactly what I was wanting!

Thankfully we have similar tastebuds and ordered happily.  The duck liver pate with orange and blackcurrants served with cornichons, was the first choice (seriously, its so creamy and good that I've had this dish on my own before ...seriously!), of course it didn't disappoint and was quickly polished off.

The 3 cheese plate was next with a shadow of blue mouldy cheese (eaten with the fresh honey on the walnut bread) blew my mind, a cheddar that just has to be consumed by itself on a simple cracker (it really does the talking on its own) and finally the third which I have no idea of what it was but popped on that cracker with a slice of fresh pear and it was pleasant (personally I'd start with that next time as it was not as good as the others and I like to save the best till last).

To make sure we had some sort of vegetable we threw in the broccolini with labneh, pine nuts and something else really tasty, bloody best broccolini  I've ever had!  ...mine has never tasted like that, ever!

Throw in a couple of bottles of Rose and we were pretty damn happy by the time we called it a night. My friend did have an Espresso Martini as her nightcap and although she said it was top notch, it was pretty small.  My large serve of Shiraz on the other hand was basically a bucket of red wine, very tasty red wine indeed.

I'm really happy I booked Ash St Cellar again, every time I go there I am reminded of how much I love it, the food, the noise, the look and feel and that extensive wine menu.  Just ask the wait staff, they're all very knowledgeable and ask for a taste before buying the wine, if you're not sure about it, they are very happy to oblige.

I'm already thinking about who else I can bring here for a little catch up.  All-in-all a lovely place for dinner or pre-drinks, if you're off somewhere else!  Master 10 yo and I were off to Katoomba the next day so I called it an evening after a long dinner.  Loving the weekend life!!


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