Kid Kyoto Smashes It

Feeling a bit tired today, not surprising after a late night and earlyish start to the day.  Although it probably has more to do with the copious amount of red wine consumed with friends last night! 

In line with with my new determination to do life better I swapped my gym outfit for jeans and doc boots and off I went to the city (that is rather than trudging home only to curl up on the lounge with TV remote in hand).  I managed to nail my timing and arrive at the door at 6.45pm ready for a beverage.
Kid Kyoto in Bridge St Sydney was the venue and I was pretty excited about it.  I've been trying to get there for a while and I was finally standing in the doorway watching the buzz, listening to the hubbub and feeling like I've landed in the circle of the cool kids.

This venue did not disappoint in the slightest.  The look and feel were as I expected, dark, creative, funky, loud.  The open kitchen kept me well entertained as I waited for my friends, as did a lovely Aperol spritz, served with the slimmest of straws.

The staff were absolutely fantastic and made the experience even better.  They knew their stuff and were super polite and helpful, they never seemed rushed even though they were really busy.

Being a fan of alternative rock music I was very happy with the music, good old rock tunes were pumping out and kept the vibe edgy.  The music wasn't too loud, in fact I might have enjoyed it a bit louder myself.  My friends also commented that the music was great but hard to hear over the bustling tables and kitchen.  But to be honest it was probably perfect because if it was too loud it could ruin a good thing.

The food was unbelievable.  So seriously delicious that my mouth is watering thinking of some of the dishes that we feasted on.  The menu is designed to share so share we did!

We ended up having the deluxe taster menu plus a couple of dishes from the menu that we specifically wanted to try.  Once we ordered the food started coming and it just simply continued on and on and on for some time.  It was just so easy to sit there, chopsticks in hand moving through dish after dish, each time being hit with new taste sensations and thinking no dish could possibly get better, but they did!

I'm not joking when I say we must have chewed our way through about 12 courses and a dessert taster.  Just when I thought I couldn't eat anymore something would turn up and I just couldn't resist.  We weren't so full that we felt sick, the food was light enough and clean enough to eat heaps without needing to have a little nap at the table or having to undo that button on your jeans.

I liked that many of the tables are round which is way better for social dinners, if you ask me anyway.  There is also seating at the bar where people looked really comfy with their dishes also streaming in and out.  They have two sittings but we weren't asked to move once we'd finished dining which was lucky for us.

Overall, bloody fantastic experience!

Now, being very focused on making sure I enjoy as much of my free time as possible we decided to move on to another venue before making the home trip. We jumped in a cab and headed to Chippendale for a good quality red wine at Hand Picked.

I've been there before and already knew to expect pure greatness but yet again they blew me away with their service and produce. 

Try a flight of wine with a cheese and charcuterie board and you won't be sorry, in fact you might just end up wanting more!


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