Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day, the one day when mums are spoilt and no house work or domestic duties are done, her day off.  Sounds bloody lovely, just quietly!

I got to enjoy a sleep-in, which mainly happened due to me and master 10yo not getting home until 1am this morning so he also slept in, a beautifully made (almost finished) card fresh from the school bag with bag crumbs still attached (god only knows what lurks in the bottom of that school bag!),  a very nice range of Ikou face and body products to luxuriate in and a candle that smells divine.  Very spolit indeed!

Follow that up with a restaurant lunch with my mum and sister and all the partners and kids and a lovely day was had.  I was happy to see mum liked her earrings, that's always a bonus, and no cooking or cleaning was required from us ...that's even better!  Shame I was driving or else I would've enjoyed a couple more beverages before heading home.  But that will have to wait until I meet Mr Right or master 10yo is old enough to drive ...at least there will be no hangover tomorrow!

So having spent a lovely day with family it is time I shake off the thoughts of doing nothing and  pretending I have zero responsibilities, because actually it really is just another day and us mums will naturally get back to getting everything in order for the week ahead.  But that's what mums do and its the reason we're thanked once a year so best I get on with it and go feed master 10yo and work out what I have for lunches tomorrow.

A quick shout out to all the mums out there doing what we do, in the best way we know how and somehow keeping the children alive.  Go us!!  Hope you all managed to keep the housework to the bare minimum, didn't have to shout too much at the kids and successfully located all of the school uniforms, homework and lunchboxes without breaking a sweat.  Happy Mothers Day!!!


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