Ahhhh, it's a rare quiet evening in tonight.  I've finished my gym session and am taking a breather to start my weekend.  So before switching to Netflix I thought I'd take a moment to reflect.

Reflect on what's changed over my past year and how I've been going since proactively and consciously, moving to 'doing life'.  Since I stepped off the treadmill of just working and getting stuff done and in to my new shoes of creating the life I want.

I was chatting to an acquaintance last week about how I am consciously planning experiences and activities regularly and creating my enjoyment in between travel.  She is currently planning a European vacation and thought I was a bit mad not saving every penny to get to my next trip.

This got me thinking about how some people don't see the saving and patiently waiting for their trip as sacrificing something.  For some people the saving and waiting is what makes the actual trip so great, in many ways it's an achievement.

I've got to say that I almost felt guilty after this conversation for spending so much money on my weekend fun.  But then I remembered my 'why'.  Why I'm not scrimping and saving and waiting patiently for my next trip.  Why I am cultivating experiences regularly that get me out and about.  About why I  feel alive and enthusiastic about life even when I'm not travelling (which used to be about the only time I felt like this, certainly not regularly anyway).

It also got me thinking how creating experiences and fun doesn't have to be expensive all the time either.  And I plan on doing some inexpensive, fun activities too.  But, that in itself is more limiting in what you can do.

And this is when I had my BOOM moment! That's it.  I realised something and that something is limitation.  I realised that I'm done with limiting myself.   I'm done with not doing.  I have every intention to do life better, making my life fun, creating things the way I want them.  Raising the feeling of living and freedom and doing, the feeling I get when I travel.

There's no right or wrong here, as long as we're living authentically, we are living right.  For some it is the saving and waiting for big holidays.  For others it's peace and rejuvenation prior to a big holiday.  For me, it's lots of mini trips, busy weekend activities and at least one new Country every year.

Every weekend is a chance to experience, laugh, smile, get dirty, learn something, try something new, meet people, go to that restaurant I want to try and all this is planned before housework and chores.  Yep, chores are now the things that I have to squeeze in because I am choosing to prioritise me, not the run of the mill boring stuff that I used to insist on doing  in my spare moments - before I had fun.

Sometimes, I will lay around relaxing or reading or binging on Netflix knowing that I have stuff to be done.  I've learned that it can wait a little bit (this has taken me a bit of getting used to btw, I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to the home).  If I have proactively decided on having a day off to do nothing then I'm going to do nothing well.  Doing nothing can be just as enjoyable as creating memorable experiences, as long as it is what you have chosen to do that day.

I must have this discussion with other friends to see how they feel about doing life.  What makes them tick, have they even thought about how they do life between travel?

What is authentic to you?  Are you a live wire, spend money to have fun kinda human?  Or not?  How do you do life between travel?

Right now, a hot bath and Netflix is just about perfect.  Tomorrow of  course, a full day is planned!  Happy Friday peeps...


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