Retro Madness

In my hunt for finding cool things to do I stumbled across the new 'B. Lucky & Sons Arcade Bar' located in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.

This place is seriously cool.  Family friendly by day and then at 5pm it's kids OUT and the venue turns in to an adults only fun parlour. 

The entrance is a divine mix of retro pawn shop style cabinets filled with old school prizes and memorabilia.  The inside an open floor of games ready to take your hard earned cash. 

The look and feel is well balanced with the obligatory dark interior complete with neon lights, polished concrete floor and an exposed ceiling keeping it relaxed and fun.  There is a cocktail bar in the corner where you can relax if your not gaming and both food and beverages are served.  The best feature here is the single booth that is set in the wall and can be reserved for a small group, it's very funky.  Think I might have to find a reason to book that little baby!

What I liked best about the place is the tables and stools dotted throughout the venue so you can take your drinks around with you as you play.  You are not contained to the bar area to enjoy beverages which seems like one less rule to obey (in a world of too many rules) and that makes me happy!

I went with two kids so my gaming was limited to one turn of a giant space invaders game (the kids had no trouble churning through the cash I put on the card without me taking turns) and a couple of games of kiddy pool.  Which deserves a mention btw, there are two pool tables and they're FREE!!! Don't see free pool much these days.

The cons you ask?  For me there were quite few missing pieces of gold, the real retro arcade games such as; Pacman, Frogger, Galactica, Street Fighter and pinball machines, to name a few.  I was a bit excited about having a crack at Frogger and Street Fighter but had to push that dream aside.  

Still, it's a very cool joint and the staff are all happy and helpful.  I'm not sure whether it was the time I was there, or perhaps it's because it's only been open for one week but there were no lines for games and plenty of space to take your turns.

I say take advantage of the cash card deals for extra credit and get your butt in there and hit up some fun ...worth a visit for some old school gaming!


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