Winter is upon us ...but it's early

May, the last month of autumn (allegedly, but I’m not so sure anymore).  Seriously, the cold snap came so fast the sound was almost audible! 

This week has seen the last of the warmth fade in to fresh mornings and chilly evenings.  Even as sit here typing at 11:41 am it is clocking a measly 16 degrees outside in the City.  I thought I was overreacting when I slipped in to my wool blend jumper and then teamed it with my longer coat and skinny jeans, but I was patting myself on the back for being that prepared once I stepped from the warmth of my home.  I am even happier about that scarf I packed in to my gym bag for the dark and cold travel home.

Cold weather does something to my mood.  Just like sunny hot days brings out my best, the cold seems to zap my shine.  Despite being a lover of hot baths, heavy calorie-laden comfort food and big-bodied red wine, I just can’t find a love for the cooler weather. 

Combine my natural discomfort for the cold and no plans (nor annual leave) to travel to a warm destination before our summer returns and I am feeling rather glum.  Even as I book my upcoming winter activities, I can feel the lack of usual excitement that that would otherwise normally course through my veins at I hit the ‘PAY’ button.

How very dim of me …isn’t happiness a mindset?  Aren’t we responsible for our own happiness?  Aren’t I supposed to just do loads of stuff and be happy doing it?  You know, as I say, doing life better.  Live, have fun and create memories.  Surely, the cold weather can’t dull all of my shine.  …Ha! No way, that’s why bronzers and highlighters were developed!

Hmmm… that’s a point actually, winter does bring with it some beautiful shades of earthy colours.  Colours that lend themselves to beautifully designed handbags, expertly crafted boots and fantastically fluffy coats that make you want to go out just to wear them. 

Right, I think I’m getting somewhere here.  Literally as I type this post I can feel the change inside me.  From downright broody to a little brightness, eagerness even.  Well I must take advantage of that!

OK so, if I am going to dust my eagerness in glitter and bronze my way to happiness then I best find myself an interesting little side project.  One that pushes me out of the safety of my doona and warm home.  A reason to go in search of wintry things, wearing my best wintry fashion.   

Wendy's Winter Wonders'.  That’s it.  Each week I shall report on the best wintry thing, piece, place, person etc that I find that week.  Photos are necessary, of course.  As is a little challenge along the way.  Something tasty and typically wintry, perhaps a wet challenge, the best wintry beverage around.  Not just any beverage but one with a twist.  Yes, this is getting fun now.

I shall be back shortly to report on my progress here.  Now I must go and enlist some friends (and Master 10 yo, of course) to help me in my challenge.  I don’t want to become that friend who ends up drinking alone …even if it is in the name of my blog challenge!!


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