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Ramblings of a mad women or too much cough syrup?

Sick and house bound, not a good mix!  Warning, general rambling may follow...   I finally succumbed to one of the bugs being generously shared around the population.  I have spent more time on my lounge in a week than I usually would over a month.  Not my idea of fun folks.

Smoke & Mirrors at Sydney's Chin Chin Restaurant

Neon decadence?  Yes please! I was pretty excited about this booking although I didn't really know what to expect.  Having eaten at Chin Chin before (albeit in Melbourne) I knew the venue would be rocking some pretty cool vibes.

What's HOT when its COLD?!

Believe or not, Sydney is!  I’ve been checking in with my favourite social publications and there is a LOT going on in Sydney this month. The inspiration this month comes from Vivid .   The 3-week festival that officially marks the beginning of winter.  A fun-filled mix of art, technology and commerce.  Where creativity is showcased on stages, in seminars and on the street blending music, knowledge and light sculptures that are truly gob-smacking.

1st June - Winter!!

1st of June and it's officially WINTER!!  A chilly 12 degrees outside as I prepare myself to take on the winter challenge of 'Wendy's Winter Wonders"!!