1st June - Winter!!

1st of June and it's officially WINTER!!  A chilly 12 degrees outside as I prepare myself to take on the winter challenge of 'Wendy's Winter Wonders"!!

"What's that?" you ask.  Just another thing to keep me busy ...no, really it's about finding the fun in winter. 

As a lover of sun, summer and hot temperatures Wendy's Winter Wonders is my inspiration for learning to love the cooler season too, well at least embrace it.  I always say "if you want to feel good, you've got to look good"  and when you are looking good you might as well get out and about, right?

I realised as I started my search for what's on in these chilly months that there is no shortage of winter festivals, markets, pop up bars, themed restaurant dinners, wine & cheese tasting and outdoor adventures, just to name a few.

The fashion is all gorgeous with beautiful dark earthy hues, long leather boots, woolly coats, fluffy scarves, hats, gloves and let's not forget, thermals (more a necessity than beautiful).  I've been eyeing off so many outfits in the shop windows that my budget is breaking just window shopping. 

To sum up the challenge quickly; it's a weekly update of anything wintry that inspires me to get out, look good, be warm, create memories and embrace the cold season.  

I'll post my weekly update on the "Wendy's Winter Wonders page, click on the image in my main blog to share in the fun.  There is also the search for the best wintry beverage around.  I'll be sure to post a range of contenders over the season but there can only be one winner.

So here goes, stay tuned and check in each week to see what winter wonders I've found.

Post your own wintry fun and inspiration in the comments. And have fun!


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