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Things To Do In Winter Around Sydney

Winter Wonders Week 8 I am so excited to be going away for a long weekend this final weekend in July, which is partly why I decided to post my July winter wonders post now.  Besides it will be August when I get back so the magic I report on next week will belong in the August update anyway. 

You Don't Need To Be A Kid To Finger Paint

Boozy Finger Paining - you don't need to be a kid to finger paint, boozy finger painting is now a thing ...seriously! One of the best things I've done recently, a Friday night out with friends complete with very nice red wine, cheese board and canvases. 

5 Interesting Things To Do With A 10 Year Old (that isn't watching a movie)

It's school holidays time again.  Great for the kiddies but another challenge for us parents to find new ways of entertaining them.  

6 Wineries Well Worth A Visit in The Barossa Valley

When is it ok to drink before lunchtime? Unlike yesterday, this morning we were up and ready early, eating a hearty breakfast in preparation for a day of wine tasting.  We were on the road by 9.45 am with a 3 x car road train. It must have been ladies day because it was the men who were our designated drivers.

A Slow Start Is The Best Start

Saturday morning, a nice slow start to the day.  Despite being a lover of activity there is always room for slow mornings, don't you agree?   ...when you get the chance for one anyway.

4 Weeks Of Finding The Magic In Winter

June, done and dusted... Well that's June done for 2019 and my first month of winter wonders and drink challenge completed.  Drink competitor No.5 is way out in front at the moment and could well be hard to beat.   As promised, I've posted weekly updates of my winter fun.  Here are the 4 weekly updates for June (in case you missed them).  I'll be tackling July with the same enthusiasm.   And off I go again, finding the magic in winter!