5 Interesting Things To Do With A 10 Year Old (that isn't watching a movie)

It's school holidays time again.  Great for the kiddies but another challenge for us parents to find new ways of entertaining them.  
Now I don’t know about your kidlets but Master 10yo has completely refused to participate in any sort of vacation care program this year (and I can’t blame him after I’ve totally exhausted it over the previous years).  But, I know he will drive me mad if I don’t come up with some sort of interesting ways to entertain him.  And I don’t mean letting him play his PS4 ALL day or going to see every new release film that comes out.  I mean activities that require us to leave the house and have FUN – me included!

So, to help you out I’ve put together a list of 5 interesting things to do with a 10 year old that you can seriously enjoy together and create some awesome memories.  These are things that Master 10yo and I have enjoyed this year (2019) already and we recommend giving them a go.  

#1 Lucky B & Sons Arcade Bar

This place is seriously cool and seriously fun.  With a floor full of retro style games, all of which are flashing eye-catching neon and pumping out that game music that instantly gets kids pumped, you'll find yourself transported back to the old arcades we used to get excited about.  The best way to enjoy this number is to purchase one of the bonus cards and load it up with credit.  Like everything else these days, you just tap your way through as many games as you like.  This way you can also hold on to the card and manage the pace at which the kids are tapping away the credit!

If you decide to sit out the games there is a full bar that serve up any number of drinks and a simple bar menu.  Don't worry though, you can move throughout the entire venue with your food and drinks so you can hang with the kids ...or not, you could relax in the bar area if you're lucky enough to have kids old enough to manage the games themselves.

Being located in the Entertainment Quarter of Fox Studios, Moore Park you are well positioned to let the kids run off some steam in the park afterwards or should you wish to spend a bit extra there are a host of cafes, restaurants, HOYTs and other venues you could visit whilst you're there.

I'll be definitely going back to this place and it's right up there for a recommended visit.

#2 Holey Moley

We've been twice now and we're definitely looking to return.  We did the Darlinghurst location and it rocks!  So much fun, the staff are awesome and there are 3 different courses you can choose from ...or do like we did and do them all!  It's best to go earlier so you have time to get all of the holes in before 5 pm when the kids get locked out of the venue.  But it's also like anything else, earlier is quieter and if you're with kids there are less young adults there enjoying the awesome bar (which quite frankly we'd rather do without the little ones, right?!).

We were there for a friend's 50th recently (yes, even the adults are hitting up this place for a birthday party) and the pizza served as part of our function was really yummy.  Unexpectedly good actually.  So go ahead and try the menu whilst you're there.

We'll be heading to the Newtown course soon, apparently it is epic and I can't wait.  I reckon I'm just as excited as Master 10yo.

#3 Museum of Magic

We were lucky enough to see a magic dinner show when we came here so definitely check that out if you're looking for something in the evening - AN INTIMATE EVENING OF MAGIC & DINNER SHOW.  
Also worth checking out is the museum of magic where you can do a tour and check out some of the tricks and tools of the magic trade.  With the magician taking you on the tour you can be sure to learn something.  Or at least see something unexpected.  
This one is a bit quirky but we loved it and we still talk about the fluffy rabbit.  Older kids would enjoy this more than the younger ones.  Like I said, dare to try folks!! 

#4 Tall Ship Cruise

Wow, wow, wow!  This was a really cool little outing we did for Vivid.  To be honest Vivid is way better from the land but as far as a cruise goes this was super cool.  It was like being on a pirate ship.  I'd love to do it again during the day so we could soak up more of the ship, it's a bit hard in the dark to really appreciate the old history that you're sailing on.

As with most things in Sydney there is a bar ready to serve you all the beverages you want and there are some cruises that include lunch or dinner.  The food is basic but yummy, we had a mild curry and rice with salad.  But lets face it, this is not about the dining experience.  This is about being on one of the most beautiful harbours, on a ship thats' pretty old and completely wooden, you can do a mast climb (if you wish) and the intricate weave of ropes and sails is unbelievable.

Get out, enjoy the water, feel the wind in your hair and take the kids on a tall ship cruise.  It's pretty cool.  Oh and not too long either so the kids should be ok hanging out for a little bit here.

#5 Eagle Rock Adventures


These guys are incredible.  They run all sorts of adventures that are sure to test out your adventurous spirit.  We have done two different adventures with them now and both were so much fun.  The most recent we did was abseiling and canyoning which was just fantastic.  I'd definitely suggest that you do that with older kids though, the abseiling is pretty scary for the little ones and they have to do it mostly alone so need to be brave enough to go over the edge of the cliff.  Master 10yo loved the canyoning but was pretty scared by the abseiling.  But, I highly recommend it for the older kids, or the younger ones that are just plain crazy (and we all know they exist!).

For this time of year however, the kayaking in Sydney Harbour is the pick.  Nothing grueling, nothing scary, not even that tiring.  It was a beautiful day and we and a small group of people took our time to kayak around to the Opera House and get some super amazing pics of us with the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background. 

It's not too long and because you're in the city you have loads of choices for things to do after if you wish to carry on your day.  Do yourself a favour and do something a little different, go for a kayak!

...and there you have it, my list of interesting things tried and tested with Master 10yo himself.  Now before I run off to find my own things to do this holidays I will say that yes, these activities do cost money and no they're not particularly cheap.  But, neither is seeing a movie even when you sneak in your own snacks.  So, do one or do them all but if you do decide on just one of these activities I think you'll get your money's worth.  You'll definitely enjoy something that is a little bit different and fun for you too.

Don't forget to jump on Scoupon or Groupon to find some great deals too.

Go and have fun peeps!!


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