6 Wineries Well Worth A Visit in The Barossa Valley

When is it ok to drink before lunchtime?

Unlike yesterday, this morning we were up and ready early, eating a hearty breakfast in preparation for a day of wine tasting.  We were on the road by 9.45 am with a 3 x car road train. It must have been ladies day because it was the men who were our designated drivers.

Although we'd planned which wineries we were visiting, and in which order, we were thrown an early curve ball with the first-cab-off-the-rank being closed on Sundays, WTF??  And then number two didn't open until 1 pm!  ...it's no spanner in the works though, there are an enormous amount of wineries to choose from so a few minutes later we had reprogrammed the GPS and were underway once again.

It really is a beautiful place, very dry and brown but all rolling hills and paddocks as far as the eye can see.  The roads are windy but not crazy, actually they're relatively quiet.  At one point we lost car number three to a cattle crossing which added to the laughs of the other two cars.

We decided to go a little off the beaten track to begin and sought out a hidden gem 'Rusden Wines'.  We arrived right bang on opening time and as soon as we entered we were treated with glasses that seemed larger that your average tasting measure.  Certainly got the day going with 9 tastes at 11 am!!  Only one white and one rose, the rest reds.  The highlight here in terms of the cellar door is the original wood fire oven that the building is built around.  And the rainwater that is served chilled with wine tasting, very, very fresh indeed.

We moved on to an organic winery next 'Tscharke Wines' and this wins the most idyllic and beautiful cellar door and facilities, hands down.  From the handmade pottery, freshly carbonated water, right through to the toilet atrium and the garden for designated drivers, it is impeccably decorated.  Of course, the wines are also lovely and again mostly red varieties.

After that we started on some of the bigger known, award winning wineries and so 'Two Hands Winery' was next on our list.  No where near as pretty as the two earlier wineries but a big selection of wines.  We were lucky that they were busy inside but had enough staff that we were sent outside to a lovely deck where we were served our tasting of yet another white and rose and the rest reds.  These wines had the best names and stories (at least one category of them anyway) where the owner named them after movies, music or bands.  Funnily enough, Heath Ledger and the movie 'Two Hands" wasn't amongst them ...or maybe that's where the name of the winery came from??  Had I not had so much wine already, perhaps I would have asked that question!!

After almost 30 tastes across three wineries we decided we needed to get some lunch.  After all of the previous days challenge of finding a lunch with amazing produce and a view, we had to settle for amazing produce and landed at Maggie Beer's Farm Eatery.  It's a small but mean menu and fresh, fresh, fresh!  There is a shop there selling her produce, a cafe and winery as well, but we were there to eat lunch and prepare for the next part of the journey.  I did end up with a take away brownie for later. As for the view, perhaps best experienced walking around as opposed to from the restaurant.

So here is where the road car separated, the die-hards continued on to the planned journey and car no 2 went home to sleep it off, whilst car no 3 missed a winery and took on the last one alone.

We were the die-hards and so headed off to 'Bethany Wines' for yet another 9-10 tastes.  This time however, there were white and tawny ports to be had. Now at this point, this is a good thing, anything that was a little bit different got my vote and I walked out with a tawny.  Bethany Wines was smaller and had some really yummy packaged sweets and fudges too, as well as a hill with a fantastic view.  To be honest red anything by this time all tasted exactly the same!!

So with one final winery on the list we stopped at the look out, took an obligatory panorama and promptly drove the five minutes to 'Turkey Flat Winery'.  Yep, if you're a Rose drinker, you'll be familiar with this one.  Much larger tasting room and bar, with a heap of old butcher memorabilia and photos showing the space in its original butcher's glory.  By this time we were well and truly wined out but managed the last 10 tastes, of course!

All in all, you could do that trip ten times over and still go to a different winery each time.  Next time I'd like to try a couple of the more fancy, fine dining restaurants on offer too.  

Adelaide wine country is definitely worth another visit, or three.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for your comment!


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