4 Weeks Of Finding The Magic In Winter

June, done and dusted...

Well that's June done for 2019 and my first month of winter wonders and drink challenge completed.  Drink competitor No.5 is way out in front at the moment and could well be hard to beat.  

As promised, I've posted weekly updates of my winter fun.  Here are the 4 weekly updates for June (in case you missed them).  I'll be tackling July with the same enthusiasm.  

And off I go again, finding the magic in winter!

Winter Wonders Week 4

I can't believe June is coming to an end already.  Despite my search for finding the magic in winter I am still counting down the season!  This week was not quite as busy as I like to be because I was sick and had to take time out.  But don't worry, I still managed to embrace the cold and summon my winter mojo.

Teddy Bear in a Jacket

Oh my holy moly folks!  Seriously, what is not to love about this number?!  The honey tones, the fluffy teddy bear feel, the oversized fit, deep pockets and on sale.  Need I say more?

...except that yes, I definitely bought it!

Go Underground

When it's cold and bleak outside where better to head in one of the oldest parts of Sydney, The Rocks?  Underground, of course!  Find an alley, walk the sandstone path and find the stairs leading down, head to the bar, order your drink and take a seat.  Preferably near the fireplace, if you can snag it.  The Doss House in The Rocks is a beautiful old bar, old world charm and history to boot.  This space has been home to many things including a boarding house and an opium dealer and has fantastic sandstone walled rooms.  Not to mention, a mean cocktail list (short but creative). A must visit.


Drink Challenge - Competitor No. 5

It goes without saying when I've been to The Doss House the drink competitor this week has to be one of theirs.  This little number looking all sexy in it's coupe, showing off its winter green shade of creativity in a glass is the 'Bitch Peas' savoury cocktail.  I've never had anything like it.  It seriously has sugar snap peas (yes, the vegetable) and olive oil mixed in with it.  I've pasted the menu so you can see for yourself just how creative this glass of green boozy vegetable really is.  The taste, you ask?  AMAZING!!!  Bloody loved it.  This is my favourite so far coming in at 9.2/10 - just ridiculousness!

Winter Wonders Week 3

With winter comes rain and the past week has certainly reminded me of this.  Usually I would bang on about how much I hate the rain and how it ruins my mood and makes me want to stay indoors and blah, blah, blah.  But not this week.  Firstly, we need it with water restrictions still in place, and it actually hasn't ruined any of my plans ...or my mood - yet!

So what winter wonders did I find this week?

All things fluffy!

Everywhere I go I am seeing the most amazing fluffy jackets, from casual right through to the "I can't afford to even look at this" fancy coat.  It seems we have thrown caution to the wind with our fluff this season and anything goes when it comes to the size, colour and even length of the fluff.  This is the one that sucked me in to the change room and straight to the register.  LOVE at first sight!

I stuck to the more classic, possibly mundane neutral colour.  Perhaps I'll go something a little more flamboyant for my next buy.


Boiler Suits

Although I haven't clicked purchase (yet) I'm really loving boiler suits right now.  I saw a pale pink number the other day in a magazine and it was SO hot!  Of course, that one was out of my budget league so I've been on the lookout for something a little more affordable and have now laid my eyes on these yellow and black babies from 'Lucy & Yak' made in 100% organic cotton.  I wonder to myself "am I cool enough to pull off the yellow?!" - the black in my size is sold out.


Staying out of the rain

Wet weather means indoor fun.  And one of the most hip and cool indoor venues for fun at the moment is 'Holey Moley'.  Indoor Putt Putt with perfectly positioned bars, edible food and a cocktail list.  Not to  mention, super fun putt putt greens.  You could be forgiven for thinking this is so yesterday but like everything retro these days, putt putt is cool and has moved its holes indoors.  There are a few locations available, I've been to the Darlinghurst venue (highly recommended btw), Newtown is next on the list.  Master 10 gives this a BIG thumbs up.  But quick heads up, kids have to be OUT by 5pm so get in early if you're taking the little ones. 

Drink Challenge - Competitor No. 4

Hmmm, not sure where to start with this one.  I purposely asked my friend to meet me at 'Gyros' in Surry Hills so I could try a Mulled Sake.  I'd read about this drink and thought it would be a total winner for my Winter Wonders.  I love Sake and I like mulled wine but this was not the match made in heaven I thought it would be.  I neglected to think about the fact that I like my Sake warm but dry.  Mulled sake is anything but dry.  It was the sweetest sake I've ever tasted.  And although I loved the glass it was served in and the bartender popped in a piece of pear I just couldn't find the magic in this one.  It was not the drinks fault, I just don't like sweet sake.  Some would say this was a dream winter's drink but sorry, I have to give it a 5/10.

Looking forward to week 4 of finding the magic in winter.  Get out there me lovlies!

Winter Wonders Week 2 

Week 2 and I've been a busy winter bee, getting out and about and keeping my eyes peeled for that wintry inspiration to keep me going.  The search is real peeps, find the magic in winter.

Winter Workware 

I was out cruising The Rocks Markets and came across this awesome jewellery stand where all of the pieces are not only hand crafted but made using real Australian native leaves and different types of gum nuts.  They are literally dipped in metals to harden the delicate natural fibres and then coated in either 22 carat gold or silver.  I just love, love, love my new earrings!  I've worn them a few times already and although I snapped this pic on day of work (hence the title 'Winter Workware'), they're easily the key accessory to weekend outfits too.

Vivid Lights

I've already talked about the cultural monolith that is Vivid so I won't bang on about it too much more, but as far as winter festivals go Vivid certainly delivers in a big, bright way.   It got us out walking the streets, on a tall ship cruise, eating and drinking glow-in-the-dark treats (eeek!) and attempting to snap half decent pics as we were nestled in neon jungles (not very easy, I'm afraid!).


A quick shout out to an oldie but a goodie, the 'ArtHouse Hotel' in Pitt St.  This place is very inviting in winter.  It's dark, it's got loads of character with it's old art deco charm, ornate ceilings and moody lighting, but the thing I love most is how high the ceilings are.  It makes it seem even larger than it is, and it's a pretty big place.  There's definitely better out there but this is still one of my favs and I'm glad I snuck in for a cheeky vino the other evening!

Drink Challenge - Competitor No. 2

There really isn't much I can say about this neon, flashing, pearl tea that could even bring it close to being wintry.  But, the genius creativity behind a drink that can look this cool as you walk the streets sipping from a plastic light bulb deserves to be a contender.  At a cool $14 a pop you could be forgiven for expecting it to have some sort of booze infused liquid but alas, no it is simply mango tea with mango pearls.  Master 10 loved it but even he agrees it's a summery drink.  Still, kudos to the team who created this little beauty.  Overall rating (rated by Master 10) - 7.5/10 (btw sadly, the pic does not do it justice, the flashing colours were sensational but we just couldn't capture it in all it's glory).

Drink Challenge - Competitor No.3 

Now this is definitely more wintry, at least it was warm and yummy and thick and creamy and  topped with a giant marshmallow.   We queued up for half an hour to score this little baby from the Blacklight Messina Dessert Lab and it was pretty good all told.  I really wasn't sure what I was getting but it turned out to be a warm mocha with coffee messina gelato and a glow in the dark mega marshmallow.  I'm matching Master 10 here, overall rating - 7.5/10.


And now back out the door, time for another week to find the magic in winter.  Bring on the fun!

Winter Wonders Week 1

Get inspired and get out and about.  Look at the cold months in a new light, break the norm and find the magic in winter. 

Winter Wardrobe of the Week

Loving the hues and feel of this outfit from Witchery.  I’m very tempted to jump in store and snap up these exact looks (not sure my budget would like that as much as I would).  They are definitely worthy of my Winter Wonders post.  Sexy, flowing, feminine, down-right-hot-to-trot! ...And those boots! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Microwavable Fluffy Slippers

I can’t go past these little beauties that caught my eye in the Australia Post shop.  I was lining up waiting to ship off a parcel and BOOM! there they were “Microwavable Fluffy Slippers”.  They’re perfect for Master 10yo - he loves them!  I'm waiting for a moment when he's out to pop my tootsies in them.  Hell yeah! 

Winter Blooms

I'm definitely getting in to this winter wonders challenge.  On Sunday I popped on my shoes and coat and went out for a walk.  I usually just think warm thoughts while I walk in winter but instead I looked around and found an amazing array of colours and winter blooms all around me.  I quickly took out my phone and snapped up some pics. My walk ended up much longer than I planned and I am super happy with my photography, just quietly.


Although I actually went in May (which is officially pre-winter) I have to give a thumbs up to "Lucky B & Sons Arcade Bar"  (see blog post girlwendy 'retro-madness').  It is a sure way to beat the winter blues and relive your childhood.  It's dark, interesting and has a kick-ass booth you can reserve for you and a few friends to taste your way through the cocktail list.  I'll be coming here again soon, sans kids!
Drink Challenge – competitor no. 1

And enter the first competitor, fittingly from the same venue of the week and surprisingly booze free!!  Say hi to the cutest pearl and jelly espresso mocktail called "Midnight Espresso".  Quite frankly it was a bit sweet and too chilled to be defined as wintry, but the cuteness-overload presentation has made it worthy of being entered in the drink challenge - overall rating 6.5/10.

Check in for next week's update...


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