A Slow Start Is The Best Start

Saturday morning, a nice slow start to the day.  Despite being a lover of activity there is always room for slow mornings, don't you agree?  ...when you get the chance for one anyway.

Staying in my room for the first half of the day is not something I would've been capable of doing only a few years ago, but now one of those mornings every now and then is pure bliss.

Actually it's food for the soul laying on the bed next master 10yo, both of us chilling out with our respective devices and just hanging out.  He's one of the few people with whom silence is comforting rather than feeling my usual necessity to fill it with mindless chatter.

This weekend I am lucky to be taking a mini trip with family to Adelaide Hills.  Adelaide Hills, as it turns out, is a beautiful region, quite a lovely drive to where we're staying and not too far away from the airport. This trip 'Handorf' is the destination for a family reunion.

Handorf is a township with a German heritage, a heritage that continues to thrive today with many German themed shops and restaurants.  As most country towns do, Handorf offers an array of cheese and wine tasting, cafes, galleries and boutique shops to satisfy a wide array of tastes.  The thing that really struck me is how pretty it is.  Of course, most country towns are pretty to me!

As I said earlier today is a slow morning, but as my life journey is now focused on moving, travelling and creating adventure and memories, I have to point out that the quiet morning is almost over and I've made sure to book a couple of activities to get us out and about.

We will be heading down to the mini golf course shortly, followed by strawberry picking on the Beerenberg Farm (who just happen to make some of my favourite jams and chutney).  I'm really looking forward to that trip, it's something I've never done and at my age I'd like to knock it off the list.  Oh and if you haven't tried their blueberry jam, get on it!

Tonight we have the main family event with dinner at the resort restaurant.  It will no doubt feature the family photo where we all try to squeeze in to a single frame (surely that's the main event of most family gatherings!) and of course too much food, lots of wine, loud chatter and great laughter.

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow where we'll be heading out to the Barrossa Valley and tasting our way through the day.  The sibling challenge to find the best lunch spot with fresh produce and a view that is a feast for the eyes is currently underway.  But that's for a later post.

Really this is a short post to share with everyone that I am travelling!  And enjoying a slow morning where I can share my travel with you ...but now I must prepare my inner sportswoman for the great Putt Putt challenge!


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