You Don't Need To Be A Kid To Finger Paint

Boozy Finger Paining - you don't need to be a kid to finger paint, boozy finger painting is now a thing ...seriously!

Picture of art space chippendaleOne of the best things I've done recently, a Friday night out with friends complete with very nice red wine, cheese board and canvases. 

I've done an art workshop before (once) and it was a day thing run out of the NSW Art Gallery.  This was a 2.5 hour workshop run out of a creative space in Redfern and included cool tunes, booze (both included and BYO) and whatever snacks you wish to bring along for the night.  

The resident artist is Stephen Evans, he's super relaxed and a great host.  Not to mention very talented! He is a full time artist working out of Bondi but runs these workshops on a Friday evening.  Of course, he makes it look so simple but that depends on your level of natural artist ability.
Picture of my lime
We had a group of 6 of us with varied artistic abilities.  I was probably at the lower end of the skill set, possibly the lowest within the group.  But, that didn't matter because it was one of the most fun things I've done on a Friday evening.  There's just something extra exciting about including an activity with your eating and boozing on Friday night (that's not sporty or drunk dancing!).

By the end of the night we had each painted 2 small canvases, met new people, learned new tricks and felt like we had found our new hobby (so long as it includes the boozy part!).  I painted a lime (although it is not lime in colour) and some psychedelic clouds.

Picture of the table at boozy painting classThe cost for this great night out was $70 plus whatever extra booze and/or snacks you choose to bring along.  It is well worth the money and I am very interested in their new upcoming session 'vinyl painting'.  I don't think it's being advertised yet but Stephen showed us one of the vinyls he painted and I reckon it will be a whole lot of fun.

Picture of my clouds
Seriously, doing new things and including activities every now and then makes such a difference to the weekend.  Do it!!  There's heaps of options in all different states for this type of creative fun.  If you've created your own masterpiece and want to share it feel free pop a picture in the comments, I won't be offended it puts mine to shame hahaha...


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