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4 Weeks of Ways To Find The Magic In Winter

Winter Wonders Week 12 - Find The Magic In Winter It's the LAST day of winter and I can feel my inner glow already approaching.  For the past 12 weeks I challenged myself to be more active this winter, embrace the season of cold and find the magic in Winter.  I went in search of the best wintry drink and had the most amazing Winter I've had in a long time.  Not because I did more but because I took the time to find the magic and beauty and all of the fun things on offer.  From food to fashion and jewellery to activities and road trips, hiking, art classes, theatre, activities with kids (and without) and more.  Plenty more! For my final weekly Winter update (which I'll post as the August update) I found myself enjoying more random things and not so many pre-planned activities.  It seems that is because I am already planning my Christmas Day, a cruise to ring in the New Year and a vacation next year!  Also because Master 10yo has soccer finals, soccer clin

Sydney Bar Crawl - Tried and Tested

It's that time of day, you've mentally clocked out and you're ready to refuel the tank with some serious socialising.  Whether you're catching up with a few friends or want to show someone a good time, it pays to start off a little prepared.

Roll Up, Roll Up!!

A rainy evening, Sydney Opera House and a circus doesn't sound like a match made in heaven but I tell you what, it absolutely was!

5 Reasons Road Trips Are The Best Way To Travel

Why fly when you can road trip it?  For some that may well be the most ridiculous thing ever suggested but there are definitely things about road tripping that you just can't beat.  If you call yourself a traveller then you have to have at least a few road trips under your belt come your late twenties. My friend and I were chatting about this during a recent road trip.  Reminiscing about how they were the only holidays we ever took as children with our families.  It was totally the norm.  Now this may have something to do with our age and the fact that flying anywhere was pretty much out of reach for our family holiday budgets back then.  But, we wholeheartedly agreed that jumping in a packed car with all of your gear and hitting the road is a bloody great way to travel. So let's get to my top 5 reasons why road tripping is a great way to travel... 1. Your OWN schedule  Unlike train stations and airports and even coaches you leave at your desired time, not theirs.  Sl