5 Reasons Road Trips Are The Best Way To Travel

Why fly when you can road trip it?  For some that may well be the most ridiculous thing ever suggested but there are definitely things about road tripping that you just can't beat.  If you call yourself a traveller then you have to have at least a few road trips under your belt come your late twenties.

My friend and I were chatting about this during a recent road trip.  Reminiscing about how they were the only holidays we ever took as children with our families.  It was totally the norm.  Now this may have something to do with our age and the fact that flying anywhere was pretty much out of reach for our family holiday budgets back then.  But, we wholeheartedly agreed that jumping in a packed car with all of your gear and hitting the road is a bloody great way to travel.

So let's get to my top 5 reasons why road tripping is a great way to travel...

1. Your OWN schedule 

Unlike train stations and airports and even coaches you leave at your desired time, not theirs.  Slept in, decided to repack, forgot something at home? No worries, you won't miss your ride.  Throw in various pit stops along the way, maybe even the 'stop, revive, survive' stop and again, no worries, you've got your back.  Of course, you will most likely have a destination and an estimated arrival time but its all at your own planning and your own doing.  Go on, schedule in a few photo stops along the way.

2. Music Playlist 

With music so easy to stream these days you can pre-program or just download massive playlists that will send out your tunes for hours upon hours.  The other day I had a 5 hour drive and I managed it all the way on one streamed premixed playlist, even skipped a couple of songs.  You can sing your little heart out as loud as you like and you don't have to wear headphones.  Definitely a bonus this one.

3. Detours and Scenic Routes

Now this is absolutely part of road tripping.  When else do you ever want to take the long way when you're driving?  It's very rare (or never) that you feel the need to pull off the highway to check out some tiny local town, driving an extra 20 minutes to get out at some unheard of lookout or maybe even to take in a waterfall.  These are the gems with the best photo ops, or the quaint little pub you crack a beer at, perhaps a cold refreshing lake for a skinny dip; usually they're the first stories you tell when you meet up with people.  Yep, you can't get that from a plane, or a coach or train or even a ship.  Whatever it was with that dusty faded sign that made you want to check it out, its totally cool and is totally road tripping.

4. The Roadside Diner

No matter how old I get (well at least up to now anyway, I can't speak for my future self!) I am a sucker for the roadside diner.  You park your ride and slowly get out, take your time to find everything that you've chucked in the back seat and make your way to the diner.  You don't expect it to be good or even ok, in fact you know its going to have average food and bad coffee but you go in anyway and buy some deep fried thing or a burger n chips, maybe a pie and as you sit there soaking in the vibe of the other travellers you realise its actually rather enjoyable.  Apart from the few workers those around you are also travelling, people are less stressed and just seem chilled out about being there.  The further out you get the better the experience, when you're not too far from the big smoke these places are still pretty busy.  But when I finally hit a quiet one it always makes me think of the movies, I don't know why but it does.  I like a good old dirty diner stop and I always drink the coffee!

5. Freedom

A lot of people say that one of things they love about travelling is the freedom, not being at work or doing the chores etc.  Well road tripping is the ultimate freedom.  Your own schedule, your own music, taking spontaneous detours and stops, eating whatever you like in some shady diner or outback pub and doing it all at your own pace and on your own time ...now that is freedom.  Oh and let's not forget packing whatever and as much as you like and wearing whatever the heck you like too!

Travel is rarely perfect and that's why the saying "well that's travelling" was invented.  No matter how you travel there is a whole heap of stuff that can go awry or just plain wrong but that doesn't stop us from travelling, nor should it.  Maybe getting lost could be the best part of your trip.  There is much fun to be had singing, seat dancing and turning left and right at your own whim.  Give it a go, grab a mate (or not) make a time, pick a direction and get in your car (or hire one) and go find some fun.  Go far or stay close-ish but take a different turn, choose the scenic route and get road tripping.


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