Quick Guide To Spring Clean Your Life

Picture of spring cleanIt's the first day of Spring in spectacular Sydney, the season of flowers, growth and the good old spring clean. 

Usually when we think of a spring clean we think of tidying and cleaning our homes, maybe reordering our wardrobes or going on that special detox diet to spring clean the body.  These are all great ways to cleanse our lives but there are other areas that could use a little spring clean too.  Although quite frankly spring cleaning shouldn't be undertaken according the season, Mother Nature has control over that, this little life cleaning menu can be undertaken at any time of year.

Here's 6 areas that could all use a little attention.  If you're going to dedicate time and energy to a spring clean why not be a little radical and really mix things up?  Maybe even aim for a bit of personal growth or self improvement along the way.

1. Spring clean your thoughts

Picture of thoughts spring clean
 Ever heard the saying "We are what we think"? or "Thoughts become things"?  Well it's true.  Seriously, if we let our thoughts run wild or unchecked for long periods of time then we could be causing ourselves a lot of undue stress.  How many times have you worried about something or dreaded something only to find that it wasn't that bad or you actually enjoyed whatever it was?  Now imagine if you never wasted the time thinking the crappy thoughts before it and saved yourself all of that stress. 

Spring cleaning your thoughts starts with paying attention to what you're thinking (which takes a little bit of focus).  Identify what you don't like or what doesn't serve you well and throw it out, replace it with new.  Example; I've found myself noticing Mondayitis earlier on Sunday and thinking how fast the weekend went.  Now when I feel the Mondayitis kicking in I remind myself to return to the present and enjoy where I am right now ...I'm still working on this but it really helps with the start of my week.

Our minds are so active and no one knows what goes on in your mind, what your true thoughts are but when you start paying attention to them you might be surprised what changes you can make. 

2. Spring clean your routine

Not everyone is a creature of habit, a routine junky that can't function without the same routine in the morning to get them out of the door, but if you are it can pay to do a self check on how you use your time and why you use it that way.  Are you just doing a daily rotate of eat, work, sleep, repeat?  Sometimes mixing up where you have your coffee fix or when/where you go for a walk can be all that you need to feel some new energy enter your life force.  If you are feeling really bland and like you need a major overhaul then swap the time you do your workout, change your work hours, switch your meal times, try online shopping if you're time poor or maybe brave the shops if you do everything online and need some people time.  Why not mix it up regularly?   Maybe it's something small like trying a new shop, car wash or dog groomer rather than always going to the same supplier.  You never know who you'll meet or what you might learn or find when you start trying new things or just switching up your times a little.  Are you sick of having to do your grocery shop on your weekend?  Then change it, do it one evening or get it online.  Is there something you can think of changing?  Go on, make a little switch and see how you feel.  Stop being a creature of habit ALL OF THE TIME! 

3. Spring clean your digital smorgasbord

Picture of screen and app overhaulOk, I am so completely guilty of ignoring my digital smorgasbord.  I am constantly threatening to stop looking at my FB but it continues and I continue to complain about it.  I haven't reviewed my news subscriptions in like, forever and God only knows what other time wasting crap I'm subscribed to.  Even my Apps are dead bloody boring and yet there is a massive amount of choice out there.  I recently browsed the iTunes store and was amazed at some of the Apps out there.  With everything we have on offer there is no reason we should be accepting the same old boring news, entertainment, offers, brain training, gaming, influencers and other online resources.  We simply just get used to it and don't bother reviewing it or looking at new stuff.  Let's not mention some of this stuff we actually pay for and don't use.  Do your self a favour and clean out your digital smorgasbord.  Whilst you're at it, review those friend lists on your social media - I bet there's some cleansing possibilities there.

4. Your 'me' time 

Picture of me timeHow do you spend your 'me' time?  Do you fill it with endless chores or do you go for a walk or do yoga because that's what everyone tells you is the right way to spend your 'me' time?  First of all, everyone should aim to have some 'me' time even if it takes you precision planning to make it happen (for all us single parents, yes it is hard to get but it is possible too).  There is no right way to spend your 'me' time but there is definitely a wrong way (like wasting it by doing something you don't want to do or could do another time).  Next time you have 'me' time look at what you do with it and if you go to pull out the vacuum or begrudgingly jump in your car to meet up with that friend that's going to drain you ...Stop! take stock, think about what you're doing and what you actually want to do, then make that happen.  Take control over your 'me' time and don't be afraid to say how you're spending it or that you're unavailable.  Your 'me' time is YOUR time.

5. Spring clean your Finances

Picture of finance spring cleanUnless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or are just plain lucky, you've probably put in a decent amount of effort to earn what you have in the bank, in assets or maybe even in debt.  Whatever your financial situation is this is an area where time spent revisiting the budget or investments will NOT be wasted.  Are you guilty of not having a budget, or you have one but never rework it, perhaps you don't increase your savings with payrises, or maybe you neglect to consider refinancing loans or credit cards because it's just too hard.  What about that spare chunk of cash sitting in a shitty no-interest bank account that could be in a locked term deposit or invested in a share portfolio, ever considered ways to make it work for you?  Think about your superannuation and insurances, any changes worth considering there?  Do you need a financial advisor?  Pay some attention to your wealth bubble, you won't be sorry ...disheartened, frustrated or annoyed maybe, but not sorry.   

6. Your Exercise

Picture of exercise sampleTwo words here folks 'Fitness Pass' - gone are the days where we have to rely on one gym or one venue to get our exercise.  Or trying to fit in your paid recreational membership with additional runs, walks, hikes, swims etc.  The fitness pass allows you to use a variety of places all on the one membership - such a great idea.  Some of us already have this area sorted and some of us don't do any extra exercise other than the trip from the lounge to the fridge.  Whatever it is you do now (unless you are very satisfied with your arrangement and results) then consider trying something new.  Particularly if you are plateauing and not getting results then mix it up.  Only the truly disciplined can do the same exercise week in, week out and get results and not get bored.  If you're in this group (and I know a few of them) then you are a lucky devil.  For those of us that are not, give some thought to seasonal training, what your physical goals are and what types of activity you can include or switch to.  Whatever it is if you need something to get going then a little spring clean could be the winning change.

And there you have it, my 6 life areas for a spring clean (or anytime clean).  If you put in some effort in one or a few of these areas you will improve in some way.  I often find when I start cleaning out a life area other changes follow, one clean leads to another and then 6 months later I feel like a new person.  Get on the spring clean train and get moving, see what results you can nail between now and Christmas.  Happy cleaning!!


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