Is Authentic Living Really Worth It?

Picture of lady peeking through leaf by Drew GrahamAuthentic living may require some change, commitment to yourself and the strength to say what you really want.  If you are prepared to back yourself then 'hell yes' it's worth it!

It's been almost two years since I left my marriage and I am surprised by the amount of living I have managed to cram in to that time.  Having been in relationships from my early twenties I have mostly shared my life with a significant other and often compromised my own wants, not really living authentically until now. 

That's not to say you can't live authentically in a relationship or family scenario, you just have to remember to check in with yourself and be honest with how things are for you.

After spending more 'alone' time than ever before I now wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that you get to know yourself better when you spend time with you.  It also opened my eyes to just how easy it is to fall in to the trap of getting stuck on that dreaded routine treadmill.  I wrote about it in my very first blog post (read it here).

It's true that stepping off that routine treadmill inspired me to start this blog and it has been hugely successful for me personally. I love the changes I've made, writing about my adventures and living my life, my way.

One of the biggest changes I made was to say goodbye to my 'lack' mentality.  I no longer put off doing things I want to do because they're expensive.  I no longer wait for years before heading off on a holiday, I refuse to even wait for the big holiday and try to cram in a few adventures or getaways along the way.

That mindset change has had an amazing impact on my life and like the ripple effect it has changed so many other things because it was holding me back.  But I wouldn't have uncovered it without taking the time for inner reflection.  

If you're looking to get some freshness in to your life or want to undergo a complete life revival you need to reacquaint with your real self.  Not the dreamer who thinks about what you could be or could do if you were richer, smarter, fitter, better looking or anything else, but the real you.

Start by taking some 'me' time, not just time on your own but time dedicated to reflect with you, about you.  Take a peek inside and reflect on where you're at in life and consider whether you want to spice things up, do more (or maybe less), learn something new, make a change (big or small) or improve some thing, maybe improve yourself.

Be bold, tell yourself what you want and dare to make some changes.  Don't question what you want.  Even little changes can make a big difference to spice up a dull and boring existence.  

If the thought of this inner reflection fills you with dread maybe the place to start is to stop doing something that you don't enjoy and replace it with something you do enjoy.  It's easier to identify that which annoys us so this is a great place to start if you're not willing to dive deep within your soul straight away.

This is not an excuse to neglect the meaningful stuff like health and finances or shirk your responsibilities, just find one thing that you do, that you choose to do (maybe even out of obligation) that annoys the crap out of you, or bores you to tears every time you do it and stop it.  Yes, STOP doing it.  Feel the sense of self pride or relief when you do this and just enjoy the pressure it takes off you for a little while.  When you're ready find something else to do, change or implement. 

What ever approach you take keep it small and simple to start off, make the little changes and take the time to feel how it affects you.  We lead such busy lives and often get caught up in doing things and not living, stuck on that treadmill of routine and obligation, forgetting to be true to ourselves.  Commit to yourself, create some change, do something spontaneous or stop doing something and use that time differently.  Life is happier when you start living it authentically.

Authentic living is TOTALLY worth it! 

Be you, live you, do you - you're worth it!


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