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What You Should Know About Me, My Blog & My Journey

I’m going to let you in on my little secret …much like being lost in the woods, when I began this blog I had very little direction and absolutely no idea where I’d end up.

Ten Things About You That Score 10/10

10 October aka 10/10 - yep that's right, a perfect 10! As a firm believer in the power of numbers and an advocate for self love (not to mention I know three fabulous people born on this day) I couldn't let the opportunity pass to take on the challenge of ' TEN things about yourself that score 10/10' .

6 Ways to Reset That Aren't Checking In With Nature

Usually when we think of 'resetting' we think of heading to nature, taking off our shoes and feeling the soil or sand on our feet, or maybe it's enough just to feel the wind in your hair.  But what about unexpected resets or resets that aren't found at the beach or in the bush?