Ten Things About You That Score 10/10

10 October aka 10/10 - yep that's right, a perfect 10!

As a firm believer in the power of numbers and an advocate for self love (not to mention I know three fabulous people born on this day) I couldn't let the opportunity pass to take on the challenge of 'TEN things about yourself that score 10/10'.

So here goes, I have silenced my inner critic and am basking in the spotlight of my own awesomeness!

My list of "TEN things about ME that score 10/10"...

  1. Talking - I can chat away hours and hours and hours.  I can talk to almost anyone, anywhere at any time.  Whilst nothing is perfect I'm pretty bloody close when it comes to talking.
  2. Planning - I am a self confessed plan-a-holic.  I can't have spare time and not have a plan to go with it.  I even plan when to have free time so I know that I'm on schedule and don't feel guilty about it.  Obsessed much?! 
  3. Organising - you can't plan like me and not be organised! I am very bloody organised.  Spring a spontaneous event on me and I'll organise my way though it like a boss.
  4. Decision Making - I don't always make good decisions but I sure make prompt and firm decisions.  I probably lean toward the more 'rushed' decision maker but I am not one to umm and ahh when I've got my fate to decide.
  5. Trying New Things - I love trying new things, I only wish I had the time and money to try more.  From the weird to the downright outrageous, and all the normal in between, I am your go-to-gal if you need a partner in crime to try something new.  It is great soul medicine!
  6. Participating / Turning Up - enthusiasm is in my blood, I love experiencing the moment and suffer greatly from FOMO so I am a total 10/10 when it comes to having a crack at something.  If you need a friend to participate with, again I'm your go-to-gal.
  7. Netflix Binge - when lounge time is scheduled in my life it is scheduled for long periods and undertaken with 100% commitment (usually including Uber Eats and closed blinds).  It used to be movie marathons to recover from a big weekend but now its a Netflix binge to catch up on shows when Master 10 yo is away  ...and sometimes to recover from a big weekend - haha!
  8. Risotto - I make a mean risotto, specifically a spicy chicken & pumpkin risotto.  I am not a bad cook but this is the only dish I would even think of cooking for someone who knows what they're doing in the kitchen.  The secret is loads of wine and don't stop stirring.  Stirring is the key!
  9. Having fun - I know how to have a good time, finding fun in the moment is a strong point of mine and whether it needs me to get silly, adventurous or out of my comfort zone I'll find a way to find the fun.  Again, it's the FOMO that wins here.
  10. Dancing - Totally a 10/10 dancer (insert laughter here) I have been known to dance away the night on many occasions.  But LIES! This is a lie, I suck at dancing and often lose the beat, blaming the DJ for dropping a beat I wasn't expecting.  It doesn't matter that the beat didn't change, it did in my feet.  But hey, I dance like no-one's watching and I love it so that's a big 10/10 for effort!

And there you have it folks, my 10/10 characteristics.  I'm feeling the self love oozing now - I just wish I could get on the dance floor and bust some moves.

Feel free to share your own 10/10, I'd love to read about it.  

Happy birthday to my fabulous 10/10 friends - much love xx


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