6 Ways to Reset That Aren't Checking In With Nature

Usually when we think of 'resetting' we think of heading to nature, taking off our shoes and feeling the soil or sand on our feet, or maybe it's enough just to feel the wind in your hair.  But what about unexpected resets or resets that aren't found at the beach or in the bush?

Picture of green light reset buttonSome times we don't even know we need a reset until after it happens.  Personally I think those are the best ones.  The unexpected ones.  I also love the resets that are super easy to fit in, can be inexpensive and require very little energy because when you need a reset sometimes you don't have the energy to get your butt to nature let alone hike, jog, ride, swim or climb through it. 

So if you're feeling a little flat, or stressed out, maybe you've been sick for longer than you care to remember, perhaps you have been having a rough time lately, whatever it is you owe it to yourself to take a little 'me' time and reset the mind, heart and soul.

If you feel like being alone in the wilderness then go for it, enjoy Mother Nature.  For quick resets or people like me who don't find solitude all that healing, read on for other ideas.

Here's my list of '6 Ways to Reset That Aren't Checking In With Nature'.

1. Get Social

Completely the opposite of heading off to a secluded spot so it might take some by surprise but honestly I often find that a good social catch up is one of the best ways to reset my soul.  Spending time with old friends chatting away the hours, reminiscing about times past or making new memories together can really spark that happiness fuse and remind you why it's so good to make time to catch up.  Sometimes it's making new friends, the people who you hit it off with straight away, the ones who remind you there's folk out there just like you.

Picture of friends around poolSocial resets are great if you're feeling down, lonely, bored, flat or like you need a hit of energy or inspiration.  Connecting with people is vital for our soul and heart to be happy.  Don't forget to connect with real people, there's absolutely healing power in talking, smiling, laughing and connecting with others.  Even the less social personality needs human connection.  So go on, call someone and book a lunch or say yes to that invite you've ignored so far.  You may even have a good time!

2. Connect with Family

Okay, so there's some who would argue that spending time with family is anything but therapeutic (and there's probably good reason for that - if you're one of those people then skip to number 3!).  If however, you're one of the lucky ones with a perfectly imperfect family and looking for a quick love reset to refill the heart then drive, walk, fly, Skype, Facetime or call one or several members of your family.  Organise a random family gathering that is simply to catch up rather than celebrate the usual birthdays or other holiday events.

Remember family are those we choose to spend our life with, they don't have to be your birth relations so whoever it is you call family connect now and feel the love reset. Connecting with our roots or those we hold dear is well worth the effort, even if you're feeling tired or like you want the World to disappear, try it you might find some revitalisation there.

3. A Good Read

Picture of good bookIf you really can't face the day, you don't want to be social or talk to anyone or don't want to get out of your pjs then a book is the place to go.  In a world where we are constantly thinking, moving, talking, doing or planning we have forgotten the art of losing ourselves in an imaginary world.  Not only is it great to leave stress behind, put your feet up or your head down, if your tired reading will help that day nap you've been dreaming about.  Great for stress, overthinking, feeling anxious or helpful if tired.

For a mental reset try an inspirational read, or maybe something educational.

4. Try Something New

Now this may seem counter-intuitive but if you're feeling like you need a reset maybe it's because you're not allowing yourself the freedom to change, to experiment, to grow.  Unless you've somehow got the perfect life then we all need a little shake up every now and then, something new or improved or different.  If you're fed up with a routine existence or tired of same same then reading a book, hanging out with the same group of people or re-grounding yourself is going to be dead-beat bat-shit boring!  If this is you get out there, push your boundaries and do something NEW!!  Anything that is new, bring some excitement to your life.  Life is meant to be lived, go and experience it.

5.  Restyle Yourself
Picture of girl with pink hair
Have you ever had the balls to cut off your long hair, wear that loud outfit, buy the 'look-at-me' car, join the marathon running group or do anything that people wouldn't normally associate with you?  Well you should, that is if you're over yourself.  You know, when you're sick of everything and can't think of how to inject a bit of spark in to your life?  Go for the restyle.  Whether it's your look, your mindset, your interests, your job, your friends, your hobby, your anything.  If you want to reset yourself on a larger level, go big, go bold and recreate yourself.

Be the change, be the person you want to be, the person you think you can't be.  You'd probably amaze yourself if you really committed and took on the challenge with your heart, mind and soul. This is a big one but sometimes it's what we need.

6. Road Trip

If the restyle is just too damn big then take on the old Road Trip!  I wrote a post about why road trips are so good (read here if you're interested).  You will need more time and money for this one but who cares, if you need a getaway to reset then a road trip can be the ultimate choice, just be sure to pick the right travelling companion.  Unless you plan on going solo in which case you might like to throw in a good book, challenge yourself to try something new on the trip and connect with friends and family during the long driving bits (if you get a bit lonely).

Picture of kid on swing

Resets can be big or small, as I said earlier some times unexpected.  We all need them occasionally whether it's resting, rejuvenating, reviving or injecting some much needed spark or inspiration.

If you're looking for a reset of any kind I might remind you that you probably need to ask yourself why you need it.  Sometimes we need little things to make us feel better because we've just been on the go and need time out.  But, sometimes we feel poorly because we are not living our life authentically, not enjoying where we have ended up or ignoring the urges we feel inside. Whatever the reason give yourself the reset you need and then take life by the balls and show it you mean business.  You don't need anyone else's permission to be yourself.

Now, I'm off to call my Mum for a quick love reset...


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