2020 - Start Your New Decade With A Bang

Photo by Jamie Street on UnsplashIt’s not long now and the jolly fat bloke will embark on his annual round-the-world tour.  It also marks the end of the calendar year and you know what that means – holidays!  And of course, the New Year.

Right now most of us are winding down from work trying to finish everything before the break.  The kidlets (if you have any) are finishing up at school VERY soon (eeek!).  Christmas parties are in full swing; seeing a swag of people walking the streets in outrageous costumes has become the norm, and most of us have already abandoned our festive budgets.

One thing I’ve heard a lot of lately is how fast this year has gone, even faster than last year (I know, I know, we say this every year).  Even Master 10 yo commented on how fast the year has flown by and let me tell you, hearing your child say it aloud is a little scary. 

As the saying goes though, all good things must come to an end, or for some 2019 can’t be over quick enough.  No matter where you sit on that fence there is no stopping time.  So let’s roll with it.  Finish off 2019 with a busy bang of festivities, indulge in your end of year vacation and let’s talk 2020.

It’s a nice, neat, round number; the beginning of a new decade.  What better time to set yourself some goals.  Schedule in more ‘me’ time, go on you deserve it. 
Photo by Jamie Street on UnsplashIf you dare to think big put some thought in to your 10-year plan.  Like “where would you like to see yourself in 2029?”  

...Whoa, can you really think that far ahead? Of course you can!

If that’s a bit big and hairy for you then maybe this is more your style.

I read a newsletter recently that resonated with me (by ValerieKhoo of the Australian Writer’s Centre) I think I’ll be taking a leaf from her blog and going with this ‘double day’ thing she talks about – that’s the day that the date and the month match.  For example; New Year’s Day, the first day of the first month – 1 January, then 2 February and so on.  That’s one double day every month that can be set however you want.  Now that’s not too hard to take on.

Being a new decade though I’m a little bit pumped about kicking goals, not tyres.  I really believe there is a lot to be said about having direction.  If you lack focus and direction, life will take you on its own journey.  But that journey is influenced, not so much by yourself, but by the people you spend time with and the environment in which you spend your time.  Why not create your own ripples and then ride your own waves – it can’t hurt to give this new decade thing a little bit of thought, right?

Thinking 10 years ahead is definitely not for the faint of heart, or the old.  But if you look back and think what the hell did I do with my last decade, it's probably worth giving it a go.  Not just a New Year resolution but real ideas and plans for your year or years to come.  

I’m setting myself the task of planning my ‘double-days’ for 2020 and writing out my “2029; look at me now” pitch.  Although it seems like a bit of a head-wreck, I’m insistent on starting the new decade with focus and purpose (not just drunk!) and that’ll be a first for me.

I’ll check back in with a New Year post to share my progress soon.  There’s only 14 sleeps until Master 10 yo and I depart on the cruise ship so I’d better get cracking!

If you’re taking on the new decade with purpose I’d love to hear about it, pop it in a comment and share with it with all of us.

If you just don’t give a f*ck about the new decade then buckle up buttercup and enjoy whatever journey the universe brings you – may the world be your oyster and may you shine bright like a diamond!


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