Whose Rules Are They Anyway?

So it's a week of breaking all the rules.  Not the big rules (not the law) but the self imposed rules.  You know, the ones we set for ourselves because we think it's what we need to be a better person.

Well, sometime rules were meant to be broken, and this week I'm on fire!

After managing to get through Febfast with no booze (which seemed like the longest month of the year, not the shortest) I've had a wine every night this week.  There goes the no drinking from Monday to Thursday rule.

Then there's the 'eat less meat' rule.  Well, this week I've had meat every single day ...and I've loved it.  Apparently my blood doesn't like pork (says the 'Eat Right For Your Type' book) well too bad, pork is my favourite and I've had it twice in three days.

How about finishing a project before starting another?  Yep, broke that one too.  I've got about three articles mid-draft, a website upgrade on mind and two courses half done.  Yet here I am writing this blog instead.  Go figure.

Smashed my budget too.  I went rogue and ordered jeans from a New York website, surely they'll look as good as they do on the 20 year old model, right?  If they fit at all.

I went food shopping on my way home and bought the items on my blacklist.  Threw caution to the wind and proudly scanned my banned goods, with zero f#%ks - I did however manage to use my own bag and not stretch my rule breaking to using plastic bags.

I gave up on my 'minimise swearing' and brought back my potty mouth.  Felt good, natural even.

Honestly, my list goes on.  But, all this rule breaking has got me thinking.  Why do we put these rules on ourselves anyway?  Why do we think we'll be better people because of it?

There are some obvious answers here, mostly related to diet and health and they're good rules.  But all in moderation right?  What about other restrictions?  Are we just placing restrictions on ourselves to feel in control?  Or are our rules a way to lose control and feel like we're living?

Hmm, for someone who is an advocate for authentic living, being who we are and doing what we want, these rules seem a little conflicting. 

Sadly, despite a good debate with myself, I don't have the answer.  But I do have no doubt I will return to my rule crazy world somewhere in the near future.  Imposing all sorts of restrictions on myself, only to break free and get 'wild' again soon after.  Perhaps this the way we're meant to be, but it sure seems easier if we were just ourselves to begin with!

Ok, rant over - go back to your day and go an break some rules my friends...


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