About Me

Chatty, energetic and enthusiastic about life in general.  Not one to sit idle and definitely a planner from way back.  I am pretty much planning my days as soon as I realise I have spare time on my hands.  Which is exactly what I need now I've recently awakened the real me inside.  The authentic me.  The me that is no longer satisfied with living habitually just doing what I've always done and wondering why I wasn't growing or glowing, but just treading water.  I want to move, be active, experience adventure, create memories and challenge myself to find my own freedom.   To do things different, do life different, get more out of doing life well.  Live authentically.

This blog is to share that journey with you, from the realisation of wanting more to me creating it and living it.  This blog is my road to my own authentic living where I create my freedom, my freedom of thought, my freedom to express, my freedom to do and my freedom to be.   

Join me for the journey, jump on for the ride and create and share your journey to freedom with me.  Live authentically and see how good life can really be.


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